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Written Update Imlie 23rd February 2021

Malini asks Aditya to distract Imlie for 30 minutes while she prepares cake. Adi says Imlie is very intelligent. Malini says she knows. Adi says she is super intelligent and can solve problems way above her age. Malini says she is trying to explain him since long and says she brought her college’s admission form as Imlie’s birthday gift. He says Imlie is so intelligent that she can get admission in India’s best college. She asks if her college is not best. He says City College is good and they can fill forms of India’s best colleges, who knows she may get admission in India’s best college. Malini says her college is near home, so Imlie doesn’t have to stay in hostel and she is also there to take care of Imlie. Adi asks if Imlie’s growth is important or staying in this house, why is she taking this issue personally. She says she is as she feels something has changed between them and she is afraid that their thinking is not matching after marriage and they may develop a distance between them. He promises he will not let that happen and hugs her. Imlie calls him and says he solved Maths problem within 5 minutes. Malini asks what gift he is giving to Imlie after canceling her gift. He says Imlie will now run towards kitchen, so he will go and stop her. She stands smiling.

Dev tells Daadi that Imlie is 19 years old now and he doesn’t know what he should gift her. Daadi says she can give anything to Malini anytime, but has to think before gifting anything to her younger granddaughter, so she will gift her a chain on her birthday. Anu enters and asks if she didn’t give chain to Malini yet. Daadi says she will today. Dev asks Anu to accompany them to Malini’s house for Imlie’s birthday and reconcile with Malini as she didn’t speak to her after she created drama at Malini’s house last time. Anu says she cannot withstand Imlie, so she will not come there.

Malini decorates her cake and says its ready. Family hides their gifts for Imlie. Sunny brings choc for Imlie. Aparna says Dev is bringing Imlie’s favorite chocs. Sunny says he will have it as she suggests not to waste food. Dev enters with Daadi holing a big basket of chocs. Malini likes it. Daadi takes Malini aside and asks if problem between and Adi is solved. Malini says that is solved, but she feels they used to know each other well before marriage but changed after marriage. Daadi gives her moral gyaan about life and responsibilities after marriage.

Imlie sees Adi writing and says his handwriting is very beautiful. He teaches her cursive writing holding her hand. Imlie feels weird and thinks what is happening her. She smilingly looks at Adi, but stop seeing Malini watching them. Malini asks what is happening. Adi says he is teaching cursive writing to Imlie. Malini checks and laughs. He says its better than her writing. Their nok jhok starts. Imlie watches them silently. Malini asks Imlie to accompany her and asks Adi to clean Imlie’s books. Adi takes her along. Imlie gets happy seeing Adi writing her name via cursive writing. Malini calls Imlie. Imlie walks to living room and is surprised to see it decorated for her birthday. Family wishes her happy birthday. Sundar thinks today is Imlie’s birthday and he has to clean the mess after party. Family asks Imlie how is their surprise. Imlie gets emotional and blabbers continuously as usual. Family laughs. Tauji asks her to stop her drama. Aparna says Malini prepared birthday cake for her. Imlie asks chocolate cake. Malini says she wanted to, but then got another idea. She unveils motichoor laddu cake. Imlie says her amma gives her laddu on her birthday. Malini says she heard her conversation with her mother, so she prepared her laddu cake like her mother. Imlie happily hugs her and speaks emotionally. Nidhi says even they are there. Imlie hugs Nidhi, Rupal, Aparna and Taiji. Family drama continues. Imlie says she shares her laddus with her amma, seeta maiya, and goat chuari and when her amma brings her gift, nakli naani Dulari steals and sells it off and considers her illegitimate child as she doesn’t have a father. Everyone get sad hearing that. Dev turns and cries.

ripathi family is shocked to see news about Malini’s school building collapsing a dead woman wearing sari similar to Malini. Inspector shows missing persons’ list to Adi with Malini’s name in it.

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Written Update Imlie 23rd February 2021

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