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Written Update Imlie 22nd February 2021

Malini tells Adi that there is no use of hiding truth now as she and whole family knows about it. She gives her phone to Imlie and asks her to speak to her mother. She then Adi how can he hide such a big truth from even her. Adi nervously says he wanted to tell her and tried many times, but.. Imlie nervously speaks to Mithi. Mithi wishes her happy 19th birthday and informs that she informed her in-laws so that she can celebrate her birthday properly. Imlie relaxes and thanks Malini. Whole family wishes her happy birthday and Aparna scolds her for not informing them about it. Imlie apologizes her. She kisses her forehead and wishes her happy birthday. Pankaj and Tauji scolds Imlie next. Mithi says Imlie’s in-laws love her so much. Family asks Adi next why he hid the truth. Adi says even he didn’t know. Nishant thinks Adi is hiding something else then. Family continues scolding Adi. Mithi emotionally tells Imlie that she is celebrating her 19th birthday without her presence for the first time, but is very happy. Mithi asks if she prepared laddus. Mithi asks how can she forget. Imlie asks to share laddus with whole village and give 2 to nakli naani Dulari to sweeten her nature. Mithi says naani never changes. Imlie disconnects call. Nishant says they should plan special surprise party for Imlie. Nidhi says its a better idea and asks what they all should do. Adi asks Malini to prepare her choc cake as he couldn’t have it last time and wants to this time. Malini says only Imlie has right on it this time and not him. He says only he has right on her everything thing. Nishant says it their romance has finished, can they discuss the plan. Imlie says she finished chatting with amma. Family says they are tired and will go to sleep. Malini asks Imlie to keep her red dress and thank Sundar for it. She take Adi along wishing her good night. Imlie thinks they just hugged and wished her and finished her birthday, her village life is better where she wishes birthday to everyone and even animals. Malini asks Adi to act normal whole day and then give her a surprise. Imlie wishes herself happy birthday.

Next morning, Imlie prays for herself in home temple and asks god to bless her to have 2 birthdays in 1 year. She feels sad thinking her mother celebrates her birthday in whole village, but nobody wished her properly here, she considers them as dear ones, but they don’t and Sundar is right that she is not related to this family. She hears Dhruv wishing happy birthday and excitedly rushes to him, but feels sad seeing him wishing Sharma uncle over phone. Dhruv enjoys making fake call. She then angrily dusts sofa while Tauji is sitting on it. Tauji asks her to stop dusting and bring her books. Aparna and Taiji asks Adi to bring grocery from market and take Tauji along. Adi says he needs to go to office. They scold him to go. Tauji tries to teach maths to Imlie. Imlie asks why he is spoiling her birthday, she wants to have some fun. He jokes and then says kids do fun and not grown up like her. Adi walks to Tauji and says Maa and Tauji wants him to accompany him to market for grocery shopping. Imlie asks Tauji to take Nishant with him. Nishant agrees, but Tauji denies. Adi convinces Tauji. Tauji says Nihant will be lost in market. Nishant says he will hold papa’s finger like in childhood and will sit on his shoulders. Tauji agrees after a bit of drama and says he will go only if Adi teaches Maths to Imlie. Adi hesitantly agrees. Taiji asks Imlie if she convinced Tauji to take Nishant along and thanks her. Adi scolds Imlie while teaching.

Malini prepares cake and laddus and informs Nidhi that cake is almost done, she is worried about Imlie as she may barge into kitchen and spoil their surprise. Nidhi asks her to go out and handle Imlie while she prepares laddus. Adi is surprised to see Imlie solving problems in 10 minutes. Imlie says she didn’t get scholarship just like that and is 19 years old, not 9. Adi thinks she is very intelligent. Malini signals him. He asks Imlie to solve next sum in 5 minutes and walks away silently. Imlie feels more sad thinking whole family forgot her birthday celebration.

Tripathi family is shocked to see news about Malini’s school building collapsing a dead woman wearing sari similar to Malini. Inspector shows missing persons’ list to Adi with Malini’s name in it.

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Written Update Imlie 22nd February 2021

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