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Written Update Imlie 13th February 2021

Dev rushes to his painting room and sees Imlie looking at her mother Mithi’s painting and identifying it. She happily tells Dev that she is her amma and if he has met or know her. Daadi enters and says not at all and says years ago Dev had visited Pagdandiya and he liked her village so much that he made 100-150 paintings. She shows his paintings and says Dev must have made this painting then and this woman resembles Imlie’s amma. Imlie nods yes. Daadi says many women would have met Dev then, how will he remember her amma. Imlie says she is right and asks how was her journey. She says very tiriing, but her tiredness went away seeing her. She pampers Imlie. Anu enters and seeing that asks what is happening. Imlie says she is seeing Dev’s Pagdandiya’s paintings and feels as if she is in Pagdandiya being in Delhi. Anu asks if she saw Dev’s all paintings. Imlie asks which one. Adi enters calling Dev and Imlie. They all walk to him. Adi hugs Dev and touches Daadi’s feet, asks Daadi when did she come. She says just now, but couldn’t inform Malini. Adi informs that Nishant is returning home, so he came to take Imlie back. He asks Imlie to pack her bag soon. Anu taunts that nothing has changed and Adi is in a hurry and cannot sit for 2 minutes, he came to pick a maid, taunts that there is no difference between a wife and maid in his house. Adi says there is a difference between relationship but not humans in his house. Daadi insists him to have breakfast with them. Adi agrees. Dev makes him sit and apologizes him on Anu’s behalf. Adi says Anu is elder and he shouldn’t have misbehaved with her, he apologized and convinced Malini though. Dev says he knew Adi would convince Malini. Adi says it was tough this time. Mithi from Pagdandiya calls Adi and thanks him that Satyakam returned to village because of him. Satyakam speaks and thanks him. Adi says its Satyakam and his team’s hard work, he just wrote truth. Satyakam says with bravery and truth, one needs intelligent people like him; he asks about Imlie. Adi goes to call Imlie. Phone gets disconnected. Dev gathering courage calls back. Mithi excitedly picks thinking its Imlie.

Adi finds Imlie in kitchen working and asks if she didn’t pack her bag. She says she is preparing herbal paste for Anu as she could stand up with her herbal paste and will start walking soon. He says Anu insults her so much, then why she is worried about her. Imlie says because Anu is Malini’s mother. He informs that her mother and Satyakam want to meet her. She excitedly asks if dadda returned, why didn’t he inform her, let her speak to him. Adi says phone got disconnected. Back in living room, Dev emotionally hears Mithi’s voice and calls her name. Mithi identifies him and says Babu saheb. He disconnects call and thinks he shouldn’t have spoke to her, she may inform Imlie that he is Imlie’s father. Mithi stands shocked. Satyakam asks if she is fine and if she spoke to Imlie. Imlie returns insists Adi to let her speak to her amma and dadda. He picks his phone and says someone already made a 40 second call and dials back. Postman picks call and informs Imlie that her amma and dadda left just now. Imlie feels disappointed. She brings her bag. Adi touches Daadi’s feet and says he will leave now. Dev tells Imlie that he will teach her painting when she returns to his house soon. Anu angrily says she will not return to this house again and continues her drama. Adi Imlie out and asks her to sit on his bike. She slips and falls. He scolds her and asks to sit side ways like Malini and Rupi. She does same. Anu video calls Malini and showing them says Imlie took her place in both Aditya and Dev’s lives, etc. Malini looks at them sadly.

Precap: Imlie enjoys riding bike behind Adi under rain. A romantic song plays in the background.

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Written Update Imlie 13th February 2021

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