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Written Update Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th February 2021

The Episode starts with Happu, Amma, Rajjo and the kids coming to the Golgappa stall and have it. Happu says now I will give more time to Amma, Rajjo and kids. Amma teases them. Rajjo asks Kat why is she not eating? Kat tells that she used to have it with Kamlesh after college. Just then Kamlesh comes there and calls Kat. Happu asks why did you come here and taunts him for coming to their house often. Kamlesh is about to tell about Beni, but Rajjo puts gol gappa in his mouth and asks him to eat. Happu asks what was he telling? Kamlesh is about to tell him truth, but Kat’s siblings put golgappa in his mouth forcibly. Later Happu drinks standing in his house. Beni also stands in his house and drinks, taunting Happu. Tere jaisa yaar kahan…plays….on radio. They hear many songs and get sad.

Next day, Ranbir, Hritik and Chamchi play cricket along with their friends. Chamchi says their friends come to play with them. Happu says nobody shall become friends now. Rajjo asks what is the problem? Happu says my friend was not of any advantage. Rajjo says they are school friends. Happu says they will be selfish and will ruin our kids’ lives. He asks them to go home. Rajjo says she is making samosa and jalebi for them. Happu says I will eat that and asks them to go. Beni comes to the paan shop and orders paan. Happu asks the pan shop guy to make his paan first. Beni says my paan. Happu says I had given him 3 lakhs. Beni asks for proofs. Paan shop guy says I will make paan for both. Happu and Beni argue with each other and holds Paan shop guy. Happu slaps Paan shop guy.

Later Resham Pal comes to the PS and makes him meet his friend. He asks his friend to tell what is friendship. They talk about their strong friendship and describe it. Happu says friendship is fake, cheat and betrayal. He asks did you give any money to your friend? Resham Pal says he had given 10000 Rs to him 25 years ago. Happu says it would have been 12 lakhs by now. Resham Pal asks him to give 12 lakhs. His friend refuses to give the money and argues with him. Resham Pal gets angry and slaps him. Happu says they are fighting like cat and rat.

Later Nargis Mausi comes home. Happu also comes there. Rajjo says you came early today. Happu says he is feeling freed from Friendship and will come home directly now. Nargis Mausi says it is good. Happu says nobody will have friends and asks where were they going? Amma tells that Nargis is taking us to show mixer. Happu asks Amma not to go with Mausi and asks the latter not to come to his house again. Mausi goes out. Amma asks Rajjo to come with her. Happu stops them and says we will have tea together. Rajjo asks him to come home. Happu says mixer cancel, make tea. Kids come there. Happu says he will make them do their homework and will teach them for 3 hours. The kids are shocked.

Later Rajjo brings milk to Happu. Happu tells that he had given 3 lakhs to Beni, and says he can’t ask him to return. Rajjo asks can you forget it? Happu says I had forgotten it and asks her to forget too. Rajjo thinks what will happen now?

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th February 2021

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