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Written Update Hamariwali Good News 8th January 2021

The Episode starts with Poonam asking Navya is Renuka a good wife. Navya says Renuka loves her husband more than herself. She praises Renuka. She says the list won’t end if I tell about her goodness. Poonam says you are lying, its not true, this woman is a liar, selfish and mean woman, she has no manners to talk well, she is egoistic and doesn’t listen to anyone, she doesn’t care for her husband’s respect, Renuka isn’t a good wife. Mukund gets shocked. He asks what are you saying, will you say anything, I know well, she is a good wife and a good mother also, Navya had said right about her. Sumitra looks on. Poonam thanks him and says you have said it yourself. She says they should think again about divorce, Renuka has given 27 years to her husband and family, should they get a right to do their wishful.

Adi waits outside. The other lawyer praises Mukund. He says Navya is lying. Navya says Renuka had lied about my pregnancy for my sake to save Adi and my relation. Lawyer says I object my Lord. Judge says she is giving an answer to your question. Navya says Renuka can never cheat anyone. Adi sees Lallan’s car keys. The court hearing goes on. Adi takes Alok’s kids with him. Sandhya says I will call Alok. Adi says I m their real uncle, don’t worry. He thinks to separate Mukund and Renuka at any cost. Sandhya calls Alok. He doesn’t answer. Poonam asks Mukund are you with Sumitra in the plan. Renuka asks her not to accuse Mukund. Mukund is called in the witness box.

He says Renuka had broken my trust again and again, I can’t stay with her, I want a divorce. Navya gets the house property papers. She says Mukund has got Renuka’s name included in the property papers, why would he do this if he didn’t trust her. Sumitra asks Alok what’s happening. Alok says I will find out. Mukund says its true, I included her name to trust her and give her equality, but I always got cheated, you can give her the entire house, but I can’t stay with her now. Alok gets a message. He reads Adi took the kids with him. He says I will not leave Adi if anything happens to the kids, just stop the court hearing. Preeti worries. Navya calls Adi to know. She goes to Renuka. Adi asks Renuka to drop the case, else he will go away with Yash and Ehana. Renuka faints in tension. Mukund and Navya worry.

They take Renuka to the hospital. Mukund worries. Navya says Renuka isn’t acting. Doctor asks Navya to stay out. Navya says tell her that kids are fine. Adi talks to Preeti and Navya. Navya says if anything happens to Renuka, then I will not forgive you.

Navya apologizes to Preeti. Alok says Adi took my kids, I will not leave him. Renuka is treated. Adi comes to the hospital. He scolds Mukund. Navya says she is here because of you. Renuka comes. Navya asks how is she. Renuka cries. Adi apologizes to her. Doctor asks Navya to come in with her. Sumitra asks what happened, she was acting, she came out fine. Navya holds Renuka and signs. Renuka and Navya hold hands. Doctor asks them to come to court room with them. Renuka sees Mukund. Judge asks Doctor about Renuka, is she medically fit. Doctor says Renuka is pregnant. Mukund and everyone get shocked.

Renuka says I wanted to give this news to you first, I want your support, are you with me. Mukund looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Hamariwali Good News 8th January 2021

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