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Written Update Hamariwali Good News 25th February 2021

The Episode starts with Renuka talking to the nurse about Mukund. Doctor comes with the reports. She asks for Mukund. Renuka says he went to pay the bill. Doctor says I have discussed with the senior doctor, you can’t go away, I can share this after your husband comes. Renuka asks what’s the matter. Doctor says both of you have to be there to take the decision. Renuka says what is it, tell me, Mukund has high BP, I will explain him later. Doctor asks about her children. Renuka says I have a son, daughter, my family. Doctor says you have a family. Renuka says yes, but how is it related. Doctor says you have to abort this child, it will be good for you and your family. Mukund gets a new car. The man says I have fit everything inside, also a baby seat. Mukund thanks him. Doctor says your pregnancy has complications because of the age, let Mukund come, I will talk to her. Renuka says no, I will tell him, give me some time.

Doctor says we are already getting late, third month is going on, inform your husband and take care. Renuka cries and recalls Mukund’s words. Mukund gets sweets for everyone. Renuka signs the discharge form. She thinks I won’t let Mukund know this truth. She hides the file. Mukund comes with sweets. He asks where are you going. Renuka says I want to go home, I feel nausea here, doctor said baby is fine. He says I will meet doctor once. She gets angry. He says I will take the bag, we will go home. He asks her to change clothes and comes. They see a couple crying for the abortion decision. Mukund says the man would be really upset after losing the baby, I would have never tolerated this if I was in his place. Doctor asks for Renuka. Nurse says I don’t know when she left. She goes to see. Mukund and Renuka leave. He asks won’t you ask why I m so happy. She says I m not well. She says close your eyes. He shows the new car to her.

He asks her to do the puja. Renuka does the puja of the car. He asks her to see the baby seat. She smiles. He takes her in the car.

Adi renovates the house. He says I will tell dad that I did this to please mummy. Navya says you know Renuka doesn’t like this showing off. He says she likes everything what I like, this house is of owner of Tiwari industries. He scolds Navya. He says dad is going mad for the baby. Navya says he wants to keep mum happy. He says really, he never kept her happy or took care of her, you forgot that he threw mum out at night. She says you can’t see their love. He says no, tell me something, would he change if he didn’t get money, leave it.

She says fine, agreed, but what about our love, our thinking has got different, how, we were able to understand each other without saying. Alok and Preeti come with their children. Preeti asks did mum and dad come back. Navya says no, they will come soon, dad said everything is fine. Renuka worries. Preeti apologizes to Navya for Alok’s mistakes. She says we got ruined, we have nothing now, Alok has a big loss overnight, we had to leave our house, he is finding a house on rent, it will take time, I told him that we can stay here, I can take care of mummy. Navya says take rest, I will make tea for us.

Adi stops Alok. Alok says you think I don’t understand your drama, I won’t let you succeed, I have a right on the entire property. Alok says Preeti is also Mukund’s daughter. Kids play in the house. Mukund says I know how to take care of you and baby. Renuka thinks Mukund loves the baby so much. Alok blackmails Adi. Navya gets shocked seeing the furniture falling on Yash. She pulls Yash. Adi says they broke the new vase. Navya asks is it more imp than kids. Alok gets angry on Adi. Navya asks him to calm down. Preeti says its my house as well, if Alok didn’t get into a bad time, then we would have not come here. Navya asks are you kids to fight, I beg you not to fight for Renuka’s sake, what will she go through, just think. Mukund and Renuka are on the way. He says doctor called to talk. Renuka says we will talk later, don’t talk while driving. He says we don’t have to answer call and just talk directly. Doctor asks can you hear me. Mukund says yes. Doctor says I had to talk to you, did your wife tell you about baby and delivery condition. Mukund asks what are you saying. He asks Renuka what’s the doctor saying. Renuka worries.


Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Hamariwali Good News 25th February 2021

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