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Written Update Hamariwali Good News 23rd February 2021

The Episode starts with Mukund getting Adi home and scolding her. He says I m ashamed of you, you didn’t think of Renuka, she had given her share of happiness to you. Adi asks what would I do, I lost my job, I went to jail, I felt inferior, my wife was doing two jobs to manage house, I wanted my self respect back. Mukund asks would you get self respect by gambling. Adi says you worry for the world, not your son. Mukund says you are standing here because you are my son, I do care what you do. Adi says fine, you remember it now, where was your concern all these years, you didn’t care for me.

They cry. Adi says I m not a bad son, you are a bad father. Renuka slaps Adi. She scolds him. She asks him to apologize. Adi goes. Navya says I m sorry, he didn’t tell me that he is in a big mess. Mukund cries and says Adi is right, I m not a good father or a good person. Renuka pacifies him. She says we didn’t know about his problems, just Navya was with him. They go and apologize to Navya. They say you always stood with Adi, he went on a wrong path now. Navya says we shouldn’t lose courage, we should get him on the right path and make him old Adi again. Adi acts to commit suicide. They get shocked and stop him. Mukund cries and says I have apologized to you before, forget all this, I will apologize once again, what were you doing. Adi acts and says I was getting mad, forgive me. Mukund asks him to have courage.

He says I will never leave your hand now. He hugs Adi. Rocky calls Adi. Mukund takes the call and scolds Rocky. He says you will get all the money by tomorrow, don’t call here again, else I will file a police complaint against you. He gets a cheque and asks Adi to forget the wrong path. Adi says fine.

Its morning, Renuka says Adi would have given the money to goons. Mukund asks her not to worry. Navya goes to get a call. Rocky and goons come home. Rocky asks for Adi. Navya says he left his phone at home. Mukund asks Renuka and Navya to go inside. He scolds the goons. Renuka says I m scared. Renuka says don’t worry, he will manage, calm down, its not good for the baby. Rocky says we will take Mukund along, his son will come to take him. Renuka says we have to save Mukund. They take the soap water and eggs. They stop the goons and makes them fall down. Rocky shoots and falls down. He says see what I do now, I will kill all of you. Mukund beats him with the frying pain. Renuka and Navya throw the eggs.

The neighbors also come and beat the goons. Adi comes and says bike broke down, what’s happening. Rocky says we will take revenge for this insult, Adi. Mukund says shut up. Police comes and arrests the goons. Mukund holds Adi and says I won’t let you fall down. Renuka says sometimes it gets tough to return from a wrong path, don’t do this mistake again. Adi hugs them. Mukund says Adi, I will fulfill your every dream, invest money in any business, I m with you, I want you to get successful, he blesses Adi. Alok comes with Preeti. He acts sweet. Alok says everyone looks happy, what’s the matter. Renuka says when the family dines together, it looks good. Alok says I m glad seeing you all happy, I have some tension. He shows the cheque. Adi worries. Mukund asks where did you get it. Alok says I got this from Yash. Mukund asks but who got it from the cheque book. Navya sees Adi.

Mukund surprises Renuka. Renuka feels dizzy. Mukund holds her. He takes her to the hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Hamariwali Good News 23rd February 2021

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