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Written Update Hamariwali Good News 16th February 2021

The Episode starts with Renuka bringing Sukanya to Mukund. Mukund gets shocked. Sukanya says Lalla, you have grown up. She sees Sumitra and says she is a Daayan. Sumitra pushes her and calls her mad. Mukund asks what’s all this, if Sukanya was alive, why didn’t you tell me. Sumitra asks what could I tell you, you would have done something to your mum’s killer and gone to jail, I did this for your betterment, she would have ran away with her lover, she met with an accident and turned mad, I told you that she is dead. He says when I grew up, why didn’t you tell me. She asks what would I say, that your mum’s killer is alive.

Renuka says you are the killer, you killed his mum and his trust also, you have sent his sister to mental hospital and took over her property, you have courage to talk in loud tone even now. Sumitra says Renuka wants to make me fall in your eyes. Renuka says I just want to tell you the truth. FB shows Sukanya asking Sumitra about taking mum’s sign on property papers. She says you have shown that you are our step sister, you want Lalla’s property, mum will punish you, I will tell your truth. Sumitra threatens her. FB ends. Renuka says I took Vrinda’s help to reach the ashram, I reached Sukanya but…. She tells everything to Mukund.

FB shows Sukanya telling the truth to Renuka. She says Sumitra has killed Amma. Renuka tries hard and unties the ropes. They get free and run out to get saved from the fire. Renuka takes Sukanya with her. She takes Sukanya on the cart. She comes home and replaces Vrinda in darkness.

Sumitra says she is lying. Renuka says I knew she will mislead you, so I got the proof, this caretaker works in ashram, Sumitra paid her money, she had made Sukanya mad forcibly. Sumitra says I don’t know this woman. Inspector says no use, she has accepted her crime, she told us your truth.

Renuka gets Lallan. She asks Lallan to tell them, did he attempt to kill them or not on Sumitra’s words, did he attack Navya today or not, did he play games with them. Lallan says forgive me, I was helpless to do this. Sumitra says Renuka got everyone with her. Renuka says you had bought them, I didn’t. Adi gets the papers. Renuka says you had hired the goons, she acted to kill you, I went to save you, you made me hold the knife and proved me wrong in front of Mukund, you have kept the property with yourself, you had kept your sister in the ashram, you didn’t let anyone come close to Mukund, just for money, Sukanya is your step sister, you fell so down.

Sumitra asks Mukund not to come in her words. Renuka says I won’t let you hear anything from her today, she had shown a big heart and cheated you by giving your own property, she got Sukanya’s thumb impression on these papers before killing her. Sumitra says I will kill you. Mukund stops her. Adi gets Renuka back. Mukund asks Sumitra to swear on him and say that Renuka is saying false. Sumitra says I swear, its wrong, she is lying, I m saying the truth. He gets shocked.

Renuka says she is lying. He shouts Renuka. He holds Sumitra and Renuka’s hands. He takes them to the door. Everyone looks on. He says you have false sworn on me and proved that you never loved me, you did everything for your selfishness, I request you not to do this with anyone, I won’t tell anyone, else people will lose faith in mum and son’s relation. Renuka cries. He apologizes to Renuka. He says I give you a right to throw out Sumitra from this house. He gives Sumitra’s hand to Renuka. Renuka says this time, Sumitra did too wrong. She asks Sumitra to go too far from their house. Sumitra gets arrested. She shouts you aren’t doing wrong, you would have read about Raavan in Ramayan, I will not lose, I will come back and ruin you. Alok and Indu worry. Mukund and Renuka shut the door. Adi and Navya smile.

Mukund gets baraat for Renuka once again. Renuka gets surprised. He asks Navya to get Renuka ready, until then he will dance. Navya gets Renuka to him. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Hamariwali Good News 16th February 2021

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