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Written Update Hamariwali Good News 13th February 2021

The Episode starts with Adi losing in the gambling. He asks Rocky to give him 50000rs, he will give him double. Rocky asks him to think again. He pays money to Adi. Kusum comes and says I have done the work, why did you ask me to do this work secretly, Navya asked me to go home, she will come later. Adi loses again. He gets Renuka’s call. He says I will go and see Navya. Rocky stops Adi and asks where are you going, when will you give me money. Adi asks him to give some time. Gautam says let him go now, you know his house, right. Rocky says fine, go. He goes to the ashram and asks for Navya. Watchman says I don’t know. Adi says her scooty is here. He calls Navya. He gets her phone fallen there. He says maybe she is in danger. He gets shocked seeing Navya hurt. He goes to her. Renuka calls him and asks for Navya. He says I found her, she fell down, I m taking her to cupboard. Lallan takes Sukanya with her. He says Navya will be in ashram, I will do as you said. Sumitra gets happy. Mukund and Renuka get into a moment. They get close. Ankhon ki gustakhiyan….plays….

Renuka goes away and says I don’t know if you will trust me or not. Mukund says I will believe you if there is truth in it. She says I m going to tell you a big truth, Sukanya is alive, she is in danger, Sumitra is after her life. Mukund doesn’t hear and goes. Alok gets sehra for Mukund. Sumitra dances with Mukund. She smiles. She asks him to get ready. Alok comes to Sumitra.

He asks what are you planning, you were getting them divorced and now marriage, what is the matter. She asks him to have patience, he will also know it. Renuka gets ready. Renuka thinks to tell truth to Mukund. Alok asks Mukund to smile, he is lucky to marry in this age. Preeti and Indu make Renuka ready. Preeti asks Renuka to smile. Yana goes out to play. The phone falls. Sumitra looks for her phone. Lallan calls her. Renuka gets the phone. Lallan says I got Sukanya to the godown, I will kill her and bury her. Renuka says no, I will save her some how, what shall I do, shall I call Adi and Navya. Navya gets treated.

Adi says its the limit, I wish to break Sumitra’s head, I will not leave her this time. She asks him to think and be careful, else Mukund and Renuka’s lives can fall in danger, its time to bring out Bua’s truth. Adi calls Ranjan and asks for help. He says I want to get a truck traced, I don’t know the number, Rajan tent service was written on it. Navya says we will go home and talk to Renuka. Sumitra asks Yana for her phone. Yana says its in mum’s place. Sumitra takes chunri from Indu. She says don’t know where did kids leave the phone. She gets shocked seeing Vrinda as the bride. She asks you here… Vrinda says its not my mistake, Renuka made me sit in her place, she had some imp work, so she left, please don’t punish me. Sumitra asks did you see my phone.

Vrinda says no. Sumitra says its fine, Renuka is sensible, sit, she will come. She thinks Renuka took the phone along, I had to talk to Lallan. Lallan takes Sukanya’s thumb impression on the papers. He gets Sumitra’s call. He says I had told you about the godown. Sumitra says Renuka got to know the place, she can reach there any time, kill her as well with Sukanya. She says Renuka acted smart, now she will die. Renuka shouts Lallan. She thinks where did Lallan keep Sukanya. She finds Sukanya and goes to rescue. Lallan hits on her head.

Lallan ties up Renuka and Sukanya. He pours kerosene. Renuka shouts. Mukund sits with Vrinda in the mandap. Lallan burns the godown.

Update Credit to: Amena

Written Update Hamariwali Good News 13th February 2021

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