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Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9thFebruary 2021

The Episode starts with Rajjo telling everyone that Bantu is romancing with Dolly shamelessly. Gudiya asks what’s wrong if they make each other have chocolate. Rajjo says they were shamelessly staring at each other while feeding chocolate in each other’s hands. Gudiya says God will be happy that someone is in love. Sarla asks Gudiya to close her mouth and stand far. She calls Bantu and asks what is the matter? Bantu says nothing. Sarla asks him not to teach her and sends Dolly to her house. Dolly goes crying. Bantu gets sad. Radhe scolds them for their behavior. He asks what’s a big deal if they have a chocolate. Rajjo says it is a big deal and that’s why your daughter is unmarried. Sweety says if Amma had made halwa then this thing wouldn’t have happen. Sarla asks Pappu to ask Sweety to close her mouth. Rajjo says she is diverting me and tells that she will call Alka and tell him everything.

Bantu cries and tells Gudiya that Dolly came to our house for the first time, but she got insulted here. She says when anyone’s friends come here, then we feed them food, but when Dolly came..she was insulted. He says he can’t wear clothes of his choice too. Radhe hears them. Bantu says he don’t know how to face her and says he will fall down from the balcony and die. Gudiya says I had fallen 4 times, but nothing happened to me.

Rajjo scolds Sarla and calls her foolish. Radhe comes there and says we have done a mistake. He says heart is a delicate thing at this age and tells that we didn’t think what we have done to soft hearts. Pappu asks him to say. Radhe says Bantu is going through this phase of his life, now he needs love and care. Pappu, Sweety and Sarla say they all understand and shall deal the problem with love. Rajjo says one way is right and that is beating. Radhe says I don’t accept this. Sarla says even I will not accept. Radhe says I will handle with care. Rajjo says I will call Alka now and pushes Sarla. Gudiya comes to her room and takes her phone. She says I will not let you use the phone. Rajjo runs behind Gudiya and gets tired.

Sweety surprises Bantu and comes infront of him wearing school white uniform. She makes Pappu wear tie to live the moment of school. Pehla Nasha plays….Radhe coughs. Pappu comes out of the room. Radhe says it is time to get Bantu’s Nasha gone, and not to get yourself in Nasha.

Bantu thinks of Dolly. Radhe and Pappu come to him. Pappu says Babu ji made me teach so many things. Radhe says that is not teaching and tells that Bantu is already understanding. Bantu goes from there. Radhe goes behind him and tells that friendship with girl is not common with us. He tells that raw mud utensils get broken fast. Gudiya says she used to make raw mud pots. Radhe shows small pot and asks why flower is not coming. Bantu says because it is small now. Radhe says you have to grow and become mature. He says love shall happen at the right time. Banty says I understood and goes. Radhe says he didn’t understand anything. Gudiya hears Bantu thinking he shall go from here. Bantu and Dolly meet and rides on the cycle. Bantu tells Dolly that when he is with her, he feels that he is in heaven….Dolly asks really and tells that she can’t live without him. It is Bantu’s dream. He plans to elope with her. Gudiya hears him and thinks to tackle the problem wisely else Bantu will take the wrong step.

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Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 9thFebruary 2021

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