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Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6th January 2021

The Episode starts with Gudiya stopping Vidhut leaving in night and asking him if he is leaving his Amma with them. Vidhut says this is not the matter. Gudiya asks him to go after her Amma returns. Vidhut thinks she is very innocent and says don’t tell anyone that I was leaving, so that I can help you to teach a lesson to your Amma. Gudiya agrees. Vidhut asks how to leave? Bijli is in the bathroom and tells everyone that she is in express train. Everyone wants to go to bathroom, but hold their stomach. Vidhut apologize to them. Rajjo asks the men to go and sit outside. Gudiya knocks on the door and says why this train is stopped, says the train track is broken. Bijli gets up and calls Vidhut. Gudiya says he is in other compartment. Vidhut asks her to save him. Bijli comes out and asks them not to board the train. Rajjo rushes in the bathroom. Vidhut asks bijli to sit and calls Komal, says it was not easy for him to leave his Amma. Chunni lal comes infront of him as a don and takes him home. Vidhut thinks he is back again. Bijli asks Vidhut to sit in the bus and gives him apples to eat. Vidhut gets emotional and calls her Amma. Bijli calls him bade bhaiyya. Radhe thinks she forgets that he is her son, but Maa is just Maa. Komal calls Vidhut and asks if he sat in the bus. Vidhut asks her to trust him. Komal says I will come there. Vidhut gets shocked and thinks to go tonight itself. Later in the night, Vidhut keeps pillow beneath bijli’s head and tries to leave silently, by climbing the wall using the chair, but he falls down on the ground and shouts…..

Radhe, Gudiya, Pappu and others come there, thinking thief came. Vidhut cooks up a story that he saw thief going and he tried to catch him, but he escaped. They ask why he was climbing up the wall. Vidhut says door was locked. Gudiya tells that Bijli Amma had put the lock which is not working. Bijli asks Rajjo to make food, calling her as Susheela. Komal comes there and asks if the guest house is here. Bijli and Vidhut get scared seeing her. Bijli hides. Komal runs behind Bijli. Vidhut says she is his wife Komal. Gudiya says she is opposite of her name. Pappu says she is so good. Radhe says humanity is still alive in the world. Sweety says Komal is like me. Rajjo says really. Komal asks Gudiya if haldi milk can be served. Gudiya says ok and goes. Komal tells Vidhut that she came to take him and says we will leave just as we get the chance. He says he is hurt, lets wait for his leg injury to be healed. Gudiya comes there and asks her to take haldi milk. She makes Komal fall down and apologizes.

Gudiya asks bijli what she wants to say? Bijli says nothing and asks who brought my toys here. Gudiya says I have earned this in all these years. She misses Sarla. Bijli sees the kitchen tong and gets scared, asks Gudiya not to beat her. Gudiya says I will not beat you. Bijli says she beats me so much. Gudiya asks who? Bijli says that fat lady, who beats me and burns my hand with tong. She says she has snatched my son and jewellery too. Gudiya asks her not to think this way and says may be there is some misunderstanding. Bijli calls her Didi. Gudiya smiles.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6th January 2021

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