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Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd February 2021

The Episode starts with an old lady looking at the houses and thinking it is much changed. She recalls her childhood/adolescence period….She is about to fall. Her son and grand son ask her not to get emotional, tells that they have to be careful, as police must have known that we entered here. He says we have to search that house. Nanhe lal tells Chunni lal that they have to increase the security in Sipri as some people entered the city. They go to have golgappa. Gudiya is eating Golgappa at the golgappa shop. The old lady describes the house. Gudiya hears her and says it is my house. The Old lady, her son and grand son smiles. They ask Gudiya if there is any guest house near her house. Gudiya says she has guest house in her house. They see Nanhe lal and Chunni lal and go with Gudiya, before they could see them.

Sarla talks to someone and ends the call in sadness. Rajjo comes there and asks what happened? Sarla cries and tells that Mausi’s daughter Leena or Meena run away with other religion’s guy. Rajjo goes. Sweety says she will tell Pappu. Sarla says she will tell this gossip. Sweety pleads infront of her and asks her to give her a chance to say. She excitedly tells Pappu and Radhe when they come home. Pappu says they must have loved each other. Sarla says if our religion boys were dead. Radhe and Pappu tell that they are living in past still. They play a game. Pappu tells that just as Chanchal Mausi went, Amma made me call you. Radhe says I know. Gudiya brings the old lady, her son and grand son to the guest house and tells that they are our new guest. The old lady recalls her childhood and gets happy. Radhe asks from where he came? They say Ludhiana. Radhe tells that he has given the guest house to someone else and they might be coming soon. The son says we will give the extra money. Pappu takes Radhe out and asks why he lied. Radhe says they are not from our religion. The old lady says we will leave. Radhe says our house ladies will not agree as their religion is different. They change their muslim’s names to hindu’s names. Sarla is about to meet them, but Radhe stops her. Pappu registers their changed man. Zafar tells his Dadi that they shall not divert from their mission.

Radhe tells that they shall deal with them professionally. Sweety reminds Sarla about what he said. Rajjo scolds Sarla. Radhe says I take their guarantee. Zafar says we have entered Sipri, this info is known to Intelligence and Police too. Sarla asks why their door is locked. Radhe brings tea and biscuits for them. They hear them talking that they have to careful and these people shall not know that we are from a different country, else their lives are in danger.

Precap: Sarla and Rajjo suspect that they are from different religion. Radhe and Gudiya think they are trapped and can’t tell anyone. Later Zafar and his father dig in the house to search something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 22nd February 2021

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