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Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 15th February 2021

The Episode starts with Bantu telling Gudiya that he has a stomach pain and can’t eat golgappa. The golgappa informs them about the saas bahu competition. Gudiya think that this award shall come to our house. Bantu says Nani and Mami don’t get along with each other. Gudiya goes to register their names, although Bantu tries to stop her. Gudiya goes to get the form and somehow manages to get it. She asks Bantu not to feel bad. Sweety and Sarla fight in the house. Gudiya comes there and see them fighting. Sarla asks her to wash her. Sweety says she just washes silk. Sarla gets upset. She then gets upset and tells that since he came to know that your Chanchal Mausi is coming here, he is singing song. She says your Mausi will not come here. Sweety says if my chanchal Mausi can’t come here, then I will go to my Papa’s house. Sarla says your Mausi flirts with Radhe. Radhe says he don’t want to meet Chanchal. Sarla says he is calling her Chanchal with so much love. Radhe says I will not meet her, so that Sarla and Sweety, don’t fight. He says I will not stay here until Chanchal stays here, and will stay at Bappi’s house. He goes. Sweety and Sarla continue to fight.

Radhe is packing his things to go. Gudiya says I heard your conversation with Bappi and tells that she knows that he fought intentionally with Sarla so that he can go to meet Bappi. Radhe says I have only one friend, meeting whom I get smile on my face. He says I will not go if you want. Gudiya asks him to go and packs his suitcase. Radhe says you came to know about Bappi’s secret, if you tell your Amma. Gudiya says I will not tell Sarla devi. Radhe asks can I trust you. Gudiya says yes and promises him.

Sarla and Sweety try to stop Radhe from going for different reasons and continue to fight. Pappu tells Radhe that he will drop him to the bus stand. Gudiya informs Sarla that Radhe is gone. Sarla cries and says my husband left me due to you and blames Sweety. Rajjo asks Sarla where is she going? Sarla says she is going to make food. Rajjo asks her to end the fight first before. Gudiya thinks how to tell them about the competition.

Pappu comes home with Chanchal Mausi. Sarla asks where did you meet her? Pappu says she came in the same bus, with which babu ji went. Sarla gets upset. Sweety orders Sarla to make tea and poha. Sarla asks Chanchal to teach some good values to Sweety. Chanchal says your sasur is so good, I had met him just now and your saas is difficult. Rajjo hears her singing song and tells Sarla. Sarla asks Chanchal not to trap other’s husband. Gudiya and Bantu talk about resolving their fight. Gudiya tells them that she has got their names registered for the competition. Sarla says I am multitalented and she evades work. Sweety says I am modern and glamorous and Amma is simple. They refuse to participate.

Chanchal and Rajjo come to Bantu and ask him to convince them for the participation. Gudiya is going out in a hurry when she collides with Nanhe lal. Nanhe lal asks what happened? Gudiya tells him everything. Nanhe lal tells that he will help her to resolve Sweety and Sarla’s fight.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 15th February 2021

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