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Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th February 2021

The Episode starts with Nanhe lal asking the Police officers to search every bus whichever leave from the bus stand. Rajjo asks if bus goes by some other way. Sarla says lets everyone focus on Bantu. Sweety says bus works on road. Sarla scolds her and asks them to take out the solution. Radhe says we shall think. Sarla scolds him to be love guru. Nanhe lal tells that what samdhi ji can go, when a heart loves another. Pappu tells Radhe that it is DPS written on every book. Radhe says Bantu wants to Director in Post office. Gudiya says it is Dolly Plus Sanjay. Rajjo says everyone is foolish here and asks Sarla to see. Sarla says I don’t have the power to think now, I am thinking what to reply to Alka. The constables bring Bantu home and tell that they have found him in the video parlour. Nanhe lal asks if he was alone. They say yes. Nanhe lal asks him to go. Everyone scolds Bantu for troubling them and making them worried. Sarla blames Dolly for spoiling him. Rajjo taunts him and says see his face. Radhe says let him rest. Sarla says he broke the stone and came. Pappu says let him go to his room. Bantu runs to his room and cries. Gudiya asks why are you crying? Bantu says I wanted to make Dolly happy and asks why did you sent Police Nana’s men there. Gudiya asks what happened, tell me? Bantu says we reach the video parlour and played the game. He says their house will be like it is in the game. Just then Policemen come there. Bantu goes to the other video screen, when the constables catch him and takes him home. Fb ends. Bantu tells Gudiya that he couldn’t say bye to Dolly and tells that he got very sure now that they are made for each other. Radhe hears them.

He says he is born for Dolly and will go away from this world. Gudiya asks where? Bantu says where my love takes me. Later in the night, Bantu thinking Dolly might be sad and asks Gudiya shall I call her? Gudiya says yes in sleep. Bantu thinks to call her from Radhe’s phone and goes to his room. He gets his phone and calls Dolly, but her father Vinod picks the call and says hello. Bantu gets scared, disconnects the call and goes to sleep. Vinod calls Radhe and says he is Vinod. Radhe says he is Radhe. Vinod identifies him. Radhe realizes Bantu called him and asks Vinod if someone is Dolly in his house. Vinod says my daughter. Radhe asks him to come to his house tomorrow.

Next day, Vinod comes to Radhe’s house and touches his feet. Radhe blesses him and introduces him to his family. He takes Vinod to room and says he has called him for the secret talks. Sarla locks Rajjo in the bathroom. Radhe tells him everything. Vinod says I can’t think that my daughter will do this. Radhe asks him not to react. Sarla says we shall bring them on line. Sweety says I have an idea, which I saw in film. She shares her idea. Vinod says what could be the best way to teach them a lesson. Radhe says we have to make our heart, as stone. Sarla says Gudiya and Rajjo shall not know. Rajjo asks them to open the door. Radhe asks Vinod to bring Dolly. Vinod goes. Sarla unlocks the door. Rajjo comes out of the door.

Later Dolly comes home. Radhe says I called Dolly here. Gudiya says you said that true love wins. Radhe says I heard Bantu talking that he wants to set his world at other place, so I thought to call her here. Rajjo says everyone is stupid here. Bantu gets happy. Dolly smiles looking at him.

Later Bantu and Dolly are playing. Sarla says she wants to talk to Dolly and tells that as Bantu loves her, she is like her bahu and asks her to stay in the house as bahu, wear saree, handle the house and take care of everyone. Dolly takes Sanju to side and tells that she can’t wear saree and can’t do work. bantu asks if you can’t do this for me. Dolly says no. Bantu asks her to agree for his sake. Dolly gets dressed in saree. Sarla makes her sweep the floor. Dolly gets tired and sits..Bantu gives her something to drink and takes the broom in his hand to sweep the floor, but Sarla takes the broom and asks Dolly to do. Payalya song plays…..While Bantu tries to help her. The family members stop Bantu and ask Dolly to do the work which upsets her.

No Precap.

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Written Update Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th February 2021

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