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Written Update Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th January 2021

Ashwini tells Amey’s wife and her team that she will call Shivani and they need not create a drama here. Ninad yells at her to stop and calls Shivani followed by Omkar. Shivani walks to them and seeing strangers asks wo are they. Mansi enters and asks what is happening. Bhavani says Shivani is a disgrace to them, she is having an affair with this woman’s husband which whole world knows about except them. Woman says she is Amey’s wife. Shivani says Amey is unmarried and loves only her. Woman shows her and Amey’s wedding pic. Shivani stands shocked seeing woman wearing locket which she gifted Amey. Woman continues yelling to stop spoiling her life and spare her husband. Bhavani and her puppets yell next. Old lady says Shivani’s face should be blackened and she should be insulted in the market place. She picks ink bottle and is about to smear ink on Shivani when Sayi enters and holding her hand pushes ink bottle away and says she heard all their conversation and they all should apologize Shivani instead as this lady’s husband lied to Bua and played with her feelings. Shivani says they are all wrongly alleging her, but Sayi knows truth as she met Amey. Bhavani yells at Sayi next that Sayi already meat Shivani’s boyfriend and is supporting Shivani. Shivani cries. Sayi says she will speak. Pakhi says when elders are speaking, why she is interfering. Sayi says when elders are standing silently, she has to stand up for Shivani. Saloni yells not to get family insulted more by supporting Shivani. Sayi asks why they are considering Shivani is at mistake, they are not supporting Shivani, but shouldn’t not wrongly allege her.

Amey’s wife says Shivani trapped her husband. Sayi says her husband Amey trapped innocent Shivani by lying that he is unmarried and promising to marry her, he even took money from her. Old lady says her brother is not at mistake as men get easily lured by women. Sayi asks why its not a man’s mistake and only woman’s. Bhavani yells at Sayi to stop and assures that Shivani will not meet Amey. Lady yells that Shivani should say that. Sayi says why should Shivani bua say that, she should warn her husband not to meet Shivani bua again. Lady yells. Sayi says Amey conned Shivani and loooted costly mobile and gifts and car’s down payment and EMIs from her, so they should apologize Shivani bua instead. Old lady yells that Shivani has to apologize at any cost. Sayi warns that she is from Gadchiroli and don’t know what she can do. Virat enters and hears their conversation. Old lady asks what she will do. Sayi points at Virat and says he is Nagpur’s ACP and will arrest Amey for conning an Shivani bua. Virat says he can arrest Amey for conning an innocent woman and takes oath that Amey will spend next morning behind bars. Ladies walk away afraid. Sayi warns them not to inform Amey about their visit.

Ninad asks Virat not to arrest Amey as their family will be insulted either ways. Sayi says he shouldn’t as its important to clear the curtain of misunderstanding from family’s eyes, he shouldn’t arrest Amey immediately; she will prove Shivani innocent first and then Amey wrong. Shivani thanks Sayi for supporting her while her whole family is always against and insults her, she will not tolerate her insult anymore. Virat says he is with her, she should say where Virat stays. Sayi says before visiting Amey, she needs to do some tasks. Ninad yells that she is ordering Virat now. Sayi says he should be quiet. Virat asks how can she insult Baba like this. Sayi tells Ninad that instead of protecting his sister, he stood a spectator and even insulted her. Omkar tries next but stops. Bhavani yells its better to leave from here than seeing elders’ insult. Pakhi says there is a way to speak to elders. Karishma thinks Sayi turned out to be a tigress. Sayi takes Shivani to her room. Bhavani stops Virat to chat with him.

Shivani tells Sayi that she blindly trusted Amey and didn’t expect to marry him, but he was hinting to marry him and looted her money; she is always betrayed in love. Sayi says she is not at fault and in that way I am at fault for asking her to give Amey a chance. Shivani says she saw her gifted pendant in Amey’s wife Sarita’s neck and feels disgraced, etc. Sayi says she shouldn’t feel guilty as Amey is at fault, she will catch Amey red-handed and prove wrong in front of his wife and everyone; asks if her car down payment and EMIs details are reflecting in bank statement. Shivani says he took cash citing tax benefits. Sayi says Amey is very intelligent. Amey calls Shivani, Shivani tries to pick call to confront him, but Sayi stops her and takes Amey’s number. Shivani asks why she needs his number.

Precap: Sayi over phone flirts with Amey and invites him home. He asks how will she manage her husband.
She asks to leave it on him. Virat hearing her conversation asks whom she is chatting with.

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Written Update Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th January 2021

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