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Written Update Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th January 2021

Puranjan walks up to Maharaj and takes out the knife. Bhima is on his way. Bhima holds his hand just in time. Villagers are shocked to witness it.

Bhima says killing anyone wont help them. Puranjan warns everyone to stay back. Bhima says no one will step forward except me. Puranjan insists that these are ignorant people who are full of pride. I am going to put an end to that. Bhima says we may be from a lower caste but we aren’t like them. We don’t kill people to rise above them. Puranjan is not convinced so Bhima tells him to think of him as his son for a minute. Would you want to see your son to killing someone or to see you struggle with determination? Bhimbai requests Puranjan not to do it. Puranjan drops the knife in shock and sits on the ground. Mangesh picks up the knife and points it at Puranjan but Bhimbai apologizes on his behalf. He dint do anything. Dhansukhlal says he still tried to hurt Maharaj. Bhima speaks of justice. Do justice today. Mangesh tells Bhima to leave Puranjan to them. We will take care of him. Bhima thinks for a moment. We will let you do it but only if you will punish the one who stealthily got hold of my Aayi’s earrings. You should also punish the one who pushed Kaka in the ditch because of which his one leg is broken now. You should also punish the one who tried to kill Damodar. Punish everyone at once. We wont intervene then. Maharaj thinks he is too smart. I will be in trouble if we give in now. We wont be able to go get out of this ever in that case. He tells villagers that their anger is justified as Puranjan attacked their Maharaj. What Bhima is saying is also true and what you did to Puranjan is wrong. There is logic on both the sides. One must forgive where the burden is equal on both the sides. I forgive Puranjan. Bhima says Kaka did commit a crime but don’t use it as a shield to hide the crimes committed by these villagers. Bhimbai asks him to come. They leave with Puranjan. Bhima tells Kundan they will continue their demonstration till the time he returns his mother’s jewellery to them.

Ram ji is done for the day. His boss tells him that he lives far away. You will spend most of your time and money travelling this way. Ram ji says I know. I have to be there for them today. His Boss asks him what’s so special today. Bhima and my kids are trying to bring their mother‘s jewellery back. I will feel that I am also doing my bit by just being present there. His boss says I haven’t seen a father like you. You are not the only father though and Bhima isn’t the only son. Ram ji speaks of the characteristics of a good son. I am just trying to save my treasure! He leaves.

Kundan’s wife asks her husband to return Bhimbai’s jewellery to them. He asks her why she is so bothered. He tells her to let it be. She complains that his greed is the reason why they don’t have a child. It has increased now. He pushes her angrily. Let me decide what’s right. Ram ji joins Anand and Bhimbai outside Kundan’s house. He asks about Bala and Bhima. Bhimbai tells him everything.

Bhima asks Bala to stretch his hand. I will apply turmeric on your wound. Bala asks him what this is. You pushed me first. Bhima explains that he dint do it intentionally. You were trying to stop me. Bala asks him to leave. Ram ji asks him why Bhima should go. The place where you 2 struggled was the struggle of 2 point of views. This turmeric is his love for you. I am tired of explaining to you. I have also understood that you wont understand anything that I will say. I would have handed you over to police myself if Maharaj had been killed today. Having differences with someone is different and loving them is different. If you will mix the two then everything will be incomplete. It is up to you how you take it. He leaves. Bhima applies turmeric on Bala’s wounds.

Maharaj is thinking about Bhima’s words. I haven’t seen a smart kid like him till date! It is sad that he is from the other community. Our people can do nothing but remain quiet in front of him. we will become weak this way. I must do something for our society!

Bhima tells Bala that he may not agree but he loves him the most. I also know that you love me just as much. Please don’t let any differences come between us in future. Bala nods but Bhima asks him to keep his hand on his head and swear on him. Bala promises him that their different perspectives wont become a concern between them ever again. Meera says I feel bad as Bhimbai and the kids are outside in cold while Manjula is looking after me here. Ram ji says it is good though. Thank you for reminding me that I should take blankets and food for them. Bhima tells Bala to stay at home and rest. I will be with Aayi. Bala wants to go with him. She is our Aayi after all. Bhima is concerned for him but Bala tells him to take turmeric in a bowl. Apply it whenever I would be in pain. Ram ji asks Bala to come with them. He tells Manjula to close the doors and windows properly and then sleep. Take care of Bua. Meera tells him to take care of themselves.

Villagers complain to Sakpal family and villagers to leave. Let us sleep in peace. Bhima tells them to convince Kundan to return the earrings to them in that case. They go inside to speak to Kundan. Ram ji asks the people from his community to go home as well but they don’t want to leave them alone. Bhima is positive that this unity will be very fruitful for them in future.

Precap: Kundan brings police captain and complains that Sakpal family and people from their community are troubling them since yesterday. Bhima says he forcibly took my mother’s earrings in return of a cot. Kundan calls it a lie. Bhima says in that case now Seth ji will tell us how he got hold of my Aayi’s earrings. They see Dhansukhlal coming with Ram ji, Bhima and a few policemen.

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Written Update Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 6th January 2021

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