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Written Update Durga 8th January 2021

Scene 1
Durga enters the mandir and asks who is there? Dev turns around and looks at her. They are both mesmerized seeing each other. Durga holds out her hand to him. Dev comes near and holds her hand. They keep staring at each other. Alok comes there so Dev leaves her hand. Alok looks at Durga and recalls Dev making her sketch. He says I am so happy to see you. Durga says I felt like someone was calling me here. Kishore comes there so Dev hugs him. Shehal comes there and says he comes in your dreams? He asks Durga why did she come here? Alok says Mata wanted her to come here that’s why she is here.

Damini tells the family that a day after tomorrow will be Dev’s roka. Geeto says but Dev is not here. Damini says don’t worry about that, he will be here. She leaves from there. Tara looks on.

Alok tells Shehal that Dev used to make sketches of Durga, they are made for each other, please say yes to their wedding. Shehal says this can’t happen, I have promised Surindar so she will marry Sunny only. Alok requests Surindar to help him, Durga is made for Dev so I am pleading you. Surindar says I don’t know what Mata wants, if Durga wants to marry Dev then it will happen for sure. We will not go against her. Sunny says you are insulting me. I will marry Durga only. Surindar asks him to open his eyes, you are in a mandir and you can’t force her, she will marry her person she wants so. He asks Alok to prepare for the marriage, this is what Mata wants. Alok thanks him. Surindar leaves with his family. Alok requests Shehal to get Durga married to Dev. Shehal says you are from a rich family, we can sit and talk about this. The priest says tomorrow is a good day. Shehal thanks him. Durga smiles and starts leaving with her family. Dev smiles at her. The priest tells Alok that Mata will do everything.

Scene 2
Damini tells Amresh that I will go there and see what mandir Dev has gone to. She leaves the house.

Dev is in mandir and sketching. A kid comes there and says Durga has sent a gift for you, Durga hides and sees him. Durga has gifted him a chain so Dev says I will keep it with me, I want to gift her as well. He takes off his gold chain but Durga comes there and says I can’t keep it, I have given you a simple chain so I can’t take your gold chain. Dev says my parents used to gift but I have got a gift after so many years, don’t say no to my gift, please take it. Durga thanks him and says this is your first gift for me so I will protect it more than my life. Dev smiles at her. The kids leave. Durga blushes looking at Dev. She sees Mata’s sketch and says you are such a good artist. Dev says you can learn too, he holds her hand and makes her sit down. He helps her in making a sketch. Durga is mesmerized by him.

PRECAP – Damini meets Kishore. She tells him that you can’t save Dev from me. Dev and Durga come in the mandir running away from Damini. Sindoor falls from Dev’s hand on Durga’s forehead. Damini comes there and shoots Durga. Dev is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Durga 8th January 2021

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