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Written Update Durga 6th January 2021

Scene 1
Alok calls Kishore and says you called me? Kishore says I met a girl that Dev makes a painting of, her name is Durga and she is real. She lives in the village here so bring Dev here soon as tomorrow is her roka. Alok says are you sure? He says yes, Alok says okay. He ends the call and brings Tara and Ayush to his room. Alok tells them that Dev’s painting girl exists in real and she lives in a village, tomorrow is her roka so we have to take Dev there, I have a plan to fool Damini. They agree.

Kabir comes to Nitu and asks if he can bring water to Dev? What if something happens to Dev before he gets married then Damini will be angry with you. Nitu says no, I will ask Damini to provide permission.

Durga comes to the priest and says do something, I am worried about tomorrow. Kishore says I have to talk to Dev’s family, they will be here tomorrow. The priest asks how she got hurt on her hands? Durga says did something happen to Dev last night as I felt his pain. Kishore says you feel his pain today when you are not with him, I am sure you will protect him in the future. He blesses her. Durga leaves from there. Kishore asks the priest how will Dev come here? The priest says we will pray to Mata.

Nitu comes to Damini and says if Dev is thirsty then can I give a bottle to him, what if anything happens to him? Damini says your mind is working today? Come with me. Damini comes to Dev’s room and he hides seeing her. Nitu brings a water bottle for him. Damini locks the door, takes the kay and goes. Tara hides and sees all that. She sees Damini putting the keys in her drawer.

Santosh tells Durga to not go out of the house as you are getting married. Durga says Dev is coming here tomorrow. Shehal asks if she is going crazy? I don’t care who is coming tomorrow but Durga will marry Sunny only. Durga says we will see whose faith wins.

Scene 2
Kishore calls Alok and asks something happened with Dev yesterday? Alok says yes Damini had beat him a lot but how do you know? Kishore says when you meet Durga, you will know everything.

Tara cuts her hand and cries. Damini rushes to her and asks how did this happen? Damini says I will apply antiseptic to you. Tara goes with her. Alok and Ayush enter Damini’s room and look around for the key. They can’t find it in the drawer. Damini is coming back to her room.

Otherside Durga is feeling restless. She runs from her house as she feels something is wrong.

Damini is about to enter her room. Alok and Ayush are there. She is about to see them but Tara shouts for her so she goes to her. Ayush finds the keys in her room and silently leave the room. Damini checks Tara’s wound and takes her for first aid.

Durga comes to the mandir and asks the priest what is going to happen? I am feeling restless. The priest says you came here at the right time, we were about to start the prayers. Durga sits and starts praying.

Tara comes to Dev’s room. She asks him to wear clothes, don’t make noise. Dev comes out wearing the clothes. Alok and Ayush take him out of the home.

PRECAP – Durga sits with Sunny to get her roka done but she stops her mother and says I can’t do this marriage because I am made for someone else and that person is here. Dev enters her village.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Durga 6th January 2021

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