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Written Update Choti Sardarni 6th January 2021

Scene 1
Qawali contest starts. Meher dances with her team and Sarab with his team. She keeps an eye on Tarkash. Kulwant plays drum. Sarab sings hai agar dushman. Sarab puts his hand on candle. Meher stops him.

Param brings Meher to the cneter. Meher dances with Sarab. She dances with Sarab. Param brings Ritu. She dances as well. Tarkash is angry. Everyone is impressed. Tarkash stops her and looks at her with anger.

Harleen says it’s time to announce the winner. She gives thumbs up to Param. It gets 12 and lights go off. Everyone is confused. Meher takes Arti to a side. Meher says please don’t worry. I am with you. Expose your husband today. This is the best change you got. I won’t be able to help you and RItu after this. you can do this. I am with you. Take mic and tell everyone. She takes the mic. Tarkash comes begind Meher. Mic drops from Arti’s hands. Meher smiles at him. Arti leaves.

Harleen counts down till 12. Everyone shouts happy new year and they all celebrate. They hug each other. Tarkash says happy new year to his wife and daughter. Param says happy new year to everyone. Meher and Sarab hug and kiss their kids. Meher and Sarab wish each other as well. They take a family photo. Param says mama I recorded something, please see. Meher goes near arti. Param says mama please see. I wishes happy new year to my friends. See this video. I recorded everything, see it. Meher ignores him and says in heart Tarkash doesn’t leave arti alone for a moment. Harleen calls Tarkash. Tarkash says in heart can’t leave Arti alone. He tells her I am coming. Meher goes to arti. Sarab stops her and says where is your mind? Param has been requesting and you’re ignoring him. Meher sees the video. In the video Meher sees something.

Meher goes to Tarkash in anger and slaps him. Everyone is shocked. Meher says no you will also know what pain is. Slap isn’t on face. It hurts your soul. Sarab asks Param to take Ritu inside. Meher says this man.. Sarab shouts enough. Harleen says Meher what is this? How did you slap him? Sarab says without any proof, without any knowledge you slapped an innocent man. Meher says this man hits his wife and he hits his daughter as well. He’s an animal. Sarab says this is all a lie. Meher says this is truth. Sarab says what proof do you have? Just your baseless doubt? You did very wrong. And say sorry to him for your mistake. Come on. Meher says if calling an animal one a mistake, yes I did a mistake. If exposing a beast a mistake, I am wrong. If saving a woman and her daughter is wrong, yes I am wrong. Whenever needed, I will do this mistake. There are so many women like arti who tolerate their husband’s abuse but stay silent so that their respect stay intact. They keep dying inside because they’re told that husband is God. Is this how God is? He isn’t even a human. He’s beast. Sarab says enough Meher ji.

Meher says what happened today was important. Until animal like these pretend to be innocent world doesn’t say a word. They abuse their wives and kids and pretends to be nice. When men think women are weak, women have right to pick the weapons and show she’s the most powerful. Wrong should be stopped at the right time. Kulwant says you’re right Meher. Jaggga says man like this should be punished. Harleen says Tarkash ji.. I can’t believe this. Who told you? Tarkash says Meher ji show me if you have any proof against me. If I am wrong, I will leave this city. Meher says tell everyone Arti. Tarkash looks at her in anger. Arti is scared.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher says I am with you arti. Don’t be scared. Tarkash says tell them Arti. Arti says this is all a lie. I never met Meher before today. Neither did I ever tell her anything. Meher is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Choti Sardarni 6th January 2021

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