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Written Update Choti Sardarni 16th February 2021

Scene 1
Sarab comes to Meher’s house. Meher takes them inside. Sarab gets a call and Meher’s shawl flies. She is scared. Meher hides her face from the other shawl. Sarab holds her flying shawl. He smells it and feels something. He comes to Meher and says your shawl Seerat ji. She wears it. Meher says thanks, welcome. He says you go, I will get my car refueled. Meher says will you come for sure? He says I promised Seher to have tea with her. Meher smiles. They go in the car.

Meher comes to her room. She’s very happy. She recalls Sarab coming out of the car. Meher fixes her hair and does makeup. She is very happy. Meher decorates the house with new flowers. Kaul says you look very happy. Meher says today is the most beautiful day of my life. He takes out the ring and says I also have to talk to you about something important. Meher says I became so happy today. I never imagined God will fill my life with so much happiness in one day. Kaul says what happened? She says I found Sarab. Kaul is shocked. He says your husband? Meher says yes I found my Sarab and Karan. That kid isn’t Rahul, he’s my Karan. My happiness, my family are coming home. My Karan and his papa are coming home. He drops the ring. Seher comes back in. Seher looks at Kaul, he picks the ring and leaves.

Scene 2
Bitu and Rana scream. Kulwant has tied them on ice. They scream Jeeto, Ginni please let us free. Bitu says Yuvi please open the ripe. Kulwant says Yuvi don’t even dare. I didn’t ask you to stand to feel mercy for them. Don’t feel anything. Your Meher will cry like this as well. You don’t have to feel any mercy for her. He says what’s the plan? She says we have to fix the mistake that I did by sending these idiots to Kashmir. I will go to Kashmir myself. I will hear the same cry of Meher when Jagga died.

Meher’s lighter falls. She is about to pick it. She sees herself. She says can you fix it again? Somethings can’t be fixed in life again. You ended this story and moved on. Why are you giving it another chance? Meher says some things aren’t in our hands. My fate had me to meet Sarab and Karan. Her conscience says you can’t blame it of fate. You will ruin their lives by going to their lives again. Why were you away from them if you had to meet them anyway? Param, Karan, and Sarab have moved on in their life. Meher says let me make them food once. Don’t I have that right either? He conscience says you don’t. You let it go.

Seher says how did you come back from Dehli so fast? Where is Rahul? Meher says that’s not Rahul. That’s Karan your br.. Nothing. Go and fix the house. She hears a car and starts getting the food ready. Meher says Kaul Sahab, we have to go to the market. Sarab is coming. We have to cook for them. Sarab like bitter guard a lot. I will make food for them. He nods. Seher says who is coming? Meher says, papa. Seher says what? Meher says I meant Karan’s papa. If they come, welcome them. I will be back. Kaul says you will get your surprise today.

Scene 3
Ginni and Jeeto bring balm. They scream in pain. Ginni says mummy ji asked us to stay away from you both. Yuvi says move back. it’s only a 6-inch burn. Dadi said it had to be 6 feet. Rana says if you keep doing this, you won’t have your siblings. Rana says how will you fight this war without people? He says you two have ruined my plan already. I won’t need your kids like you. I am enough alone like my dadi. I will only eat when my dadi kills that Karan there. She must have reached.

Kulwant reaches Kashmir. She asks people where the mansion is. A man sees Meher’s photo and says Sunny.. You will get 5 lacs. Sarab is shopping in the market. He buys a pashmina. He says it’s beautiful. Karan says Seerat Aunty only wears blue or green. She doesn’t wear white. A man calls Sarab and says you’re looking for Meher right? I will tell you, will you give me 5 lacs? Sarab goes out and says who are you? Where is Meher? You will get the money. he calls on the other number.

Harleen picks. Sunny says I was speaking to Sarabjit. I am Sunny. Meher ji is in front of me. Harleen is shocked. She says you will get as much money as you want but first show me. He video calls her. Harleen is shocked to see Meher with Kaul. He is helping her with groceries. Harleen is dazed. Harleen says wow Meher, my brother is dying for you and you moved on? Harleen says what place is this? He says I can’t tell you. Harleen says I will give you the money. First, give me more photos of Meher and this man. I will give you 10k extra on each photo but this deal should remain between you and me. He receives 5 lacs.

Karan says who are you trying to call? He says your mama.. Sarab calls Sunny and says where are you from? You tell me your address. He says if I find Meher I will let you know. He hangs up. Sunny takes more photos of Meher and Kaul and sends them to Harleen. Meher sits on the bike with Kaul.

Scene 4
Seher is doing her homework. someone puts a hand on her eyes. She says big and strong hands.. papa. Sarab smiles. Karan says that’s my papa. Seher says yes. Uncle mama went to the market, she asked me to take care of you both. She went to the market. Seher says people say you didn’t see Kashmir if you didn’t have tea from my hands.

Harleen looks at the photo. She’s shocked. She says Meher like you moved on in life now I will ask my brother to move on and not wait for you.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Choti Sardarni 16th February 2021

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