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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9thFebruary 2021

Angoori waiting for Tiwari, Tiwari scared rushes to her and asks her to sleep, Angoori asks that been sound, Tiwari says there was no such sound, Angoori says we both heard it, Tiwari says it was Pelus auto horn, Angoori says tell him to change or some snake will arrive, you know at times snakes posses man and take revenge, Tiwari says no they don’t they are big hearted, Angoori says I don’t know they are angry specious and if they decide to take revenge they will and their poison is very dangerous and person dies in great pain, Tiwari says just go to sleep, Angoori says but what about our romantic mood, Tiwari yells at her and asks her to sleep.
Angooori singing song, Vibhu visits her, Angoori asks him to leave, Vibhu asks why so, Angoori says Tiwari is home, Vibhu says you are right, he doesn’t let us talk, Angoori says no, there is some problem in your face, Tiwari gets mad seeing you and I don’t want him to get mad seeing you, he didn’t sleep whole night and was playing been, Tiwari sees Vibhu and gets scared, Vibhu says I was here to see you but bhabhiji said you don’t like me, Tiwari says no I like you and if you were a woman I would marry him and come sit lets have tea, go Angoori make us tea, Angoori gets confused with Tiwaris behaviour. Angoori leaves.
Vibhu asks Tiwari how is he, Tiwari says good, and says thinking of keeping fast for your good health, Vibhu asks why, Tiwari says we are neighbours, Vibhu says I am so moved with your gesture we will go to Shambu temple and there all wishes come true and way to the temple is from Bihand temple, and is very beautiful, Tiwari says god is within our hearts why go temple for that, Vibhu says it would be fun.
Tiwari meets Gupta at tea stall, and tells him about the curse, Gupta says I told you but how did you find it, Tiwari tells him and Vibhu and he is “Ichadhari Saap “ now, and Vibhu is behind his life now, Gupta says don’t worry, you wont die with snake bite you will die just by seeing him, Gupta says I know Shambu saperas house lets meet him and you apologise, Tiwari says lets go. TMT hear Gupta and Tiwaris conversation.
Amaji calls Angoori and asks about the situation, Angoori tells about last night been incident, and tells she is very scared, Amaji says there is one solution, you have to impress one ichadhari snake and that will help you, Angoori says okay, god knows where will I find a snake, Amaji says hide it from Tiwari, Angoori says okay.
Angoori in balcony drying clothes, talking to herself about finding Ichadhari Snake, Vibhu hears her and asks what is the issue, you look upset, I will help you out, Angoori tells him that she wants a “Ichadhari Naag”, Vibhu says you are asking as if you are asking for a plumber.
TMT at tea stall, Tilu says I told you there is “Ichadhari Naag”, Teeka says I didn’t even dream this in my scariest nightmare, TMT say this isn’t safe now, Malkan says we will steal Vibhus Mani and then ask him to send us to good place in return, Tilu says if he has Mani why is he still unemployed he can get anything he wants, Teeka says he is “Ichadhari Naag” and they think bigger than money and gold so now think how we can get it, Tilu says we will go ask for it we are like small brothers to him, Malkan says he wont and will bite us if gets angry, Tilu says then we will steal, Malkan says but where has he kept it, Teeka says must be on his body, Tilu says place on body where no one can see, Teeka says I wont I was once bitten, Tilu says hear me out, he has hidden some place where it cant be stolen and so we have to force him to give us, Malkan says he is snake, Tilu says I have very poisonous idea.

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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9thFebruary 2021

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