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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th February 2021

Angoori sees Vibhu playing marbles and asks why are you playing like kids, Vibhu say you should always keep kid alive in yourself and love everyone fall in love, Angoori says how will a kid fall in love, Vibhu says can happen, Angoori says but the other one should also feel same, Vibhu says why wont he who it is, Angoori calls Tiwari, Vibhu says why call him, Angoori says why wont I love him and not neighbours, Tiwari walks to them and asks Vibhu are you here to get yesterdays food, because Amaji said don’t waste food donate it, Vibhu and Tiwari get into argument, Vibhu say si am a diamond you don’t know my worth, Tiwari says shut up you unemployed its my bad fate I have to bear with you, Angoori says enough cant you two be a little peaceful and takes Tiwari inside.
Tiwari meets Gupta at tea stall, Gupta tells him that he is in to research weather in crematory using lemons invites ghost or not, Tiwari says a good, a Baba comes there and asks for Milk for his snake, Tiwari misbehaves with him, he gets angry and curses Tiwari, that soon he will be affected by “Sarpdosh” and leaves, Gupta says you shouldn’t have done this Sapera baba is dangerous, Tiwari says I wont believe and leaves.
Angoori doing household, Amaji walks in, Angoori greets her, Angoori says don’t call him bull, Amaji says you dint be affected, Angoori says he is so kind hearted, Amaji says you are kind you don’t know him. Tiwari walks in and takes Amajis blessings, Amaji asks where were you, Tiwari says at tea stall, Amaji, Tiwari tells her that this Babas ask for milk for snakes then take money and drink alcohol so today I scolded one baba and tells her whole scene and that Baba cursed him, Angoori says oh god I am so scared their curses are very dangerous, Amaji scolds Tiwari, Tiwari says don’t worry. Amaji says Angoori not to worry and she will discuss with Pandit Rampal.
Angoori decorates Bedroom with candles and says I wanted to spend some romantic time, and I have seen in film hero heroine light candles, so I did so, Tiwari says you just look at me and the whole thing will become romantic, Angoori says quite and you have stopped complementing me as well, when we were newly married you use to narrate poems too, now look at me and say something about my eyes.
Tiwari and Angoori hear music, Tiwari says oh you arranged music as well, Angoori says I didn’t, Tiwari says okay let it be, Angoori says its for snakes who must be doing it, I find it very scary please go check, Tiwari says okay I will go check but you don’t loose the mood, Tiwari gets down following the music and hears its from Mishra house, and gets confused, Tiwari sees Vibhu dancing and thinks he has lost it, Vibhu behaves like a snake and worships snakes and says today Shambhu Sapera was insulted and so I have come to earth to take his revenge and have entered Vibhutis body and Tiwari wont be spared for his behaviour. Vibhu says your death is waiting for you Tiwari, I will bite your arms, your legs and your bum.
TMT dancing on Nagin song, Tilu says she dances so beautifully, and asks Teeka and Malkan have they seen any snake, Malkan says this teeka was once bitten too, Teeka says is told snakes have “Mani” in their neck and so I tried taking it and was bitten.Malkan says I also encountered on Icha Dhari Nagin and she asked me for money, Tilu starts laughing and says she fooled you, there is nothing of such kind but there are donkeys and I see two everyday.

Pre cap: Angoori on call with Amaji says i am scared of the curse, Amaji tells Angoori taht find a Ichadhari Naag and impress him and all will be fine.

Update Credit to: Tanaya and read more

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th February 2021

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