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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th February 2021

Saxena near Tiwari house calls out for Bulbul, Tiwari walks out dressed as a bird, Saxena gets very excited, and imagines dancing with him on romantic song, Tiwari walks to him and asks why did you call me, Saxena realises it was a dream and then asks my Bulbul why did you leave me and go, Vibhu hiding watching and laughing, Saxena says i still remember you sitting on my shoulder and picking my cheeks, Angoori asks what is he saying,Tiwari scolds Saxena, Saxena says still that anger wow, Angoori asks whats wrong with him, Saxena says he is my lost love bulbul, Angoori says he is my husband Tiwari, Saxena says he is my love, Angoori tries to pull Tiwari in, Tiwari gets angry over saxena, Saxena kisses Tiwari and says my bulbul is back i love you.

Angoori upset, Vibhu asks whats wrong, Angoori says me and Tiwari were to go out but people tease him because of his new name bulbul, Vibhu says oh god, Angoori says you wont believe Saxena is behind Tiwari says he sees his true love Bulbul, Vibhu must be some soul connection, Angoori says yes he thinks his lost love bulbuls soul is in Tiwari, Vibhu says i have seen Tiwari seeing male birds and now i understand why, now you have to be careful, Angoori gets upset.

Tiwari in bedroom, calls Angoori walks to him and asks whats wrong, i was washing utensils, Tiwari says i feel so romantic, Angoori blushes and says close windows, Tiwari says forget it, Saxena walks in, he sees Bulbul in Tiwari and says look bulbul i got you water in bowl, Tiwari says shut up get lost, Angoori says he wont go until you drink water, Tiwari says okay, Saxena says drink like a bird, Tiwari does so.

Happu on ca in police station, Tiwari walks to him and says please arrest Saxena, Happu asks why is that, what did he do, Tiwari says he thinks im his lost love and has irritated me a lot, he thinks his love bulbuls lost soul is in me, Happu asks did you ever behave like bird in front of him, Tiwari says stop fooling around, Happu says he sees love what can i do, Happu says just go with flow and respect his feelings, Tiwari says forget it.

Saxena outside Tiwaris calling Bulbul, Tiwari rushes to Saxena and jumps with him, Saxena gets very happy, Tiwari says Saxeu look your love got me here,Saxena says how are you talking but, Angoori says no he is not, and your bulbul is very happy i understand birds language, she is happy you found her, but who told her she is inside him, Saxena says a baba told me, Angoori says oh god, even i want to see him, Saxena says let’s go.

Vibhu with TMT and prem, Saxena and Angoori Tiwari reach there and hear them talk, TMT says once we get viral we will be rich more rich with you and we had more fun with Saxena he must have ruined Tiwaris life, Tiwari walks to them and says shame on you, Angoori scolds Vibhu, Prem tires to leave, Tiwari says you will be prisoned now, Vibhu says it was a prank, Saxena says you played with my feelings, Vibhu says we did this to reunite you with bulbul and Tiwari has that bird thing in him so we did this, Angoori says so kind, i forgive you.

Pre cap : A baba asks Tiwari for milk, Tiwari makes fun of him, he curses Tiwari

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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th February 2021

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