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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th February 2021

Vibhu running and says I have to give proof that I am innocent, or this society will kill me, Vibhu meets a guy he says I have this snake rubber snake, Vibhu has an idea.
Vibhu throws it on Tiwari, he shouts when get scared, Angoori gets upset, Tiwari tells truth to Angoori, Vibhu says he is right and now I am caught badly please help me now, I cant deal with this society anymore, Angoori says I thought you were doing it by devoyion but it was all your drama and now go with Vibhu to Police station and prove that he is innocent.
Anu very angry, Tiwari walks in with Vibhu, Tiwari tells Anu he is no more into Maun Vrath and it is for sake for Vibhu, and tells whole Suparna story and that Vibhu is innocent, Anu apologise to Vibhu, for misunderstanding him. Anu asks Vibhu to get omlette, Vibhu says let me take my time, and I take care of hygiene and drops it, Vibhu picks it and puts in plate and sees Tiwari looking at him and leaves.
Tiwari asks Angoori to get water, Angoori comes to him dancing, Tiwari says you look drunk, Angoori says I was trying to woe you, Tiwari says I have already fallen for you, Angoori says I want to get pregnant now and Pandit Rampal is helping me now, and I have also spoken to Amaji, and he have also helped her, he will tell us some solution, Tiwari gets call from Amaji, Amaji scolds Tiwari and asks Tiwari to change his name to Bulbul Tiwari so that they can be blessed with kid, Vibhu hears them talk, Tiwari says I wont accept it, Amaji scolds Tiwari and asks him to accept this name for a week, Angoori says I liked this name.
Saxena celebrating birthday, Vibhu asks is it your birthday, Saxena says why would I cry then, its actually my Bulbuls birthday my first love, Vibhu asks your first love I really wonder, Saxena says she was a bird and I found her when I was a kid, she fell down of her nest, I rescued her and I fell in love with her, and she died later, Vibhu says god so heart breaking, Saxena says it was valentine day and I was about to propose her and I sneezed and she was on my shoulder and she hit herself on wall and died, and from that day I don’t sneeze, I miss her a lot, Vibhu asks do you want to see Bulbul, I know a baba he is too good, meet him and he will help you, Saxena thanks Vibhu and leaves, Vibhu says I wont let Bhabhiji conceive.
Master, Gupta and Prem at tea stall read news that Tiwari has changed name from Manmohan to Bulbul, all laugh, Prem says why he wants this name, Gupta says I feel bad for Angoori Bhabhi.
TMT and Vibhu disguised as baba and his disciples, Teeka disguised as a needy says baba you are great my younger brothers wife came to you and you gave her medicine and she is now pregnant, I have lot of money but no son, please give me a kid, Vibhu as Baba hands him medicine and says pick your phone, Teeka gets call from his wife laxmi that she is pregnant, Teeka gives him 50,000 and leaves.
Saxena walks to Baba and says your name is Baba hyderabdi but how do you speak Afgani, Vibhu says because I visited Kabul tell me what is your problem, let me guess, oh I know I see your true love Bulbul, Saxena says yes I loved her a lot, and the day I lost her was the worst day in my life, Vibhu says her soul roams around you and I have good news for you, your Bulbul is in your colony and is in a man, Saxena asks how will I find him, Vibhu says he is very greedy and you go near his house and shout Bulbul and he will walk to him, Saxena hands money and leaves.

Pre cap: Tiwari dressed as bird, Saxena dancing with him. Vibhu tells Angoori that Tiwari has signs of female bird and he keeps starring at male birds.

Update Credit to: Tanaya and read more

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th February 2021

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