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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th February 2021

Saxena says I can’t bare an ostrich being insulted and so I resign and leaves. Commissioner says Tiwari to find a new lawyer and till then the court is adjourned.

Tiwari annoyed, Angoori says this is all because of you torturing Tilu, I dont want to talk to you, Amaji calls Tiwari and says no need of doing all this Pandit Rampal read wrong kundali, Tiwari says I knew this, Amaji says dare you say a word against him. Angoori in kitchen very upset says if something happens to Tiwari I won’t be able to survive. Vibhu walks to her and asks why does she look so upset, Angoori gets very cranky, Angoori says she is very tensed even Saxena resigned now he will surely lose, and he wont give a penny but will prefer to die and if he dies even I will, what will I do without him, who will save him, how will I survive and leaves crying.
Autowala calls Vibhu and says I am LLB do you want a lawyer, Vibhu grabs his alcohol bottle and throws it.

All at Mishra house waiting for verdict from Tilu’s side, Anu tells Vibhu that we are going to win as Tiwari doesn’t have a lawyer, and so you just take him on gun point, Vibhu says okay with no interest.

Court session begins, Tiwaris walk in, Angoori says we don’t have a lawyer how will the session begin, commissioner says Tiwari is accused of serious crime and any mistake will be bad for him, Anu says may be no one supports his bad deeds, Angoori says he isnt and if he loses I will kill myself, Vibhu says don’t I will fight for him, Anu says what are you doing, you want to support a criminal, Vibhu says yes.
Prem, Teeka, Malkan discuss that Vibhu has lost it.
Anu says we don’t any such lawyer like Vibhu and I will fight for Tilu and requests for 2 days time to prepare.

Anu preparing for case, Vibhu walks to her and asks didn’t you sleep, Anu says I was asleep till now, I just woke up, Vibhu says I am just supporting truth, Anu says I have stepped into field and I won’t lose, Vibhu says you are greedy for money, Tiwari is innocent, Anu asks how much did he pay you, to be on his side, and now I will answer all the fruads like you. Vibhu says you are just trying to push me, but I am smart lawyer, so now go to sleep see you in court tomorrow.

Tiwari says I can’t see Anu bhabhi lose, Angoori walks to him and asks why do you look upset, Tiwari says I think Anu will lose and I can’t see a woman lose, Angoori says you should have thought before torturing Tilu, Tiwari says stop it, Angoori says you talk of respecting women but what about Tilu he is human too, Tiwari says okay I will settle in court tomorrow.

TMT drinking, Malkan says I don’t think Tiwari will pay, Tilu says he will, Tiwari walks to him, Teeka says are you here to trouble him again, Tiwari says I am here to compromise, or make a deal, Tilu asks what is the deal, Tiwari says 10,000/-, Tilu says what nonsense you are giving my torture a rate of 10,000/-, TMT and Tiwari start negotiating and final deal in 50,000/-.
Tiwari gets call from Amaji that Tiwari has to continue the torture with Tilu, Tiwari says he is already in mess, Amaji says it’s for Angoori so do it, Tiwari calls Tilu in corner and pinches him, and follows him asking for more, Anu catches him red handed, and walks to Tiwari with a sword, Tiwari says I am sorry you are mistaken but I was here to compramise, Anu says I saw what you did and asks TMT to runaway and scares Tiwari, he runs away too.

Pre cap : Vibhu asks Tilu to tell the court where all did Tiwari touch him, Tilu faints.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th February 2021

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