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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd February 2021

Tilu says to Tiwari what nonsense is this, why did you dip my finger in hot tea, Tiwari says I am sorry I was just checking how hot is the tea, okay you want salary right come with me, Tilu goes with Tiwari, Tiwari pinches him hard, Tilu shouts in pain, and runs away.
Teeka having tea and biscuits, Tilu says your friend is in pain and you feel like having tea and biscuits, Teeka says shut up, past one hour I am asking you what is wrong with you, but you aren’t answering, Tilu says you have no idea how I am tortured, Teeka says open your mouth, Tilu tells Teeka whole scenario and starts crying, Teeka thinks Tiwari assaulted Tilu, Teeka says lets go police station and lodge complaint, Tilu says police wont listen to us, it will only listen to rich, Teeka says where will we poor go, Anu walks to them and says you don’t need to go anywhere, and says all poor will be given justice now, tell me in detail who did wrong to you, Tilu tells her he went to Tiwari’s house and whole story, Anu says you bared all this torture, Teeka says what to do we are poor, Anu says this is wrong thinking, a poor can do anything, don’t cry, these tears will be your strength.
Angoori very upset with Tiwaris behaviour says I never thought Tiwari will be so heartless, Angoori calls Amaji and complaints about Tiwari’s behaviour, Amaji thinks he is doing all this on my instructions and says to Angoori that at times you need to treat servants this way, Angoori says I don’t believe you saying this, you treat Tilu as your son, you hurt me too, bye I will call you later.
Tiwari walks to Angoori and asks who you were talking to, Angoori says don’t talk to me, I didn’t like your behaviour towards Tilu, I will never forgive you, he is a human too, Tiwari thinks I can’t tell you the truth, Tiwari says forget all that come near me, its so romantic weather, Angoori says stay away and leaves.
Anu gets Tilu home, Tilu cries, Anu says don’t cry, I am with you, Tilu says nothing will work, Anu says I will fight for you, Tilu says how will I manage a lawyer, Vibhu walks to them in a suit, Anu tells Vibhu that Tilu is being tortured by Tiwari, Vibhu says I will fight for him, what about fees, Tilu says poor have just self-respect and Tiwari assaulted even that, Anu says please be sensitive and feel his pain and what if you were in his place, Vibhu says cmon Anu, okay I will study his case and fight for him, and asks Tilu where did he get hurt, Tilu says come inside with me.
Vibhu and Anu in bedroom, Vibhu says good night, Anu says get up, look at me I am upset, Vibhu says you get affected by little things, Anu says Tilu is innocent, Vibhu says in what angle, Anu says look from my point of view, poor kid is troubled, poor guy is tortured and cant stand, Vibhu says study both sides Anu, Anu says I did and I see a poor guy on one side and a rich boss on other and he is troubling his servant, Vibhu says Anu stop stretching it, Anu says okay ask Tiwari to pay 3 Cr compensation to Tilu, Vibhu says okay I will.
Tiwari tries to flirt with Angoori and convince her, Angoori very upset with him and asks him to apologise to Tilu, Tiwari says I wont, Angoori says so much pride is not good, even ravan didn’t have so much pride, Tiwari says you are comparing me to ravan, Vibhu walks in and says you don’t have any right to be compared to Ravan as he was very intelligent and I am here as advocate to Tilu and you torture your servant and an NGO has sent you this notice, Tiwari asks who runs this NGO, Vibhu says Anu, Tiwari laughs, Vibhu says don’t laugh read it aloud, Tiwari reads that NGO is suing for 3 Cr for torturing his employees, Angoori says pay 3 Cr and close this, Tiwari says shut up and asks Vibhu to leave and insults him. Vibhu says okay see you in court.
Anu on call says send me all the information and send our team, Tiwari walks in, Anu asks what you want Mr. Tiwari, Tiwari says what is wrong bhabhiji, you sent Vibhu, Anu says he is my lawyer and I asked me to go to you with that notice, Tiwari says I don’t have that amount, Anu says lets see you in court, Tiwari says that is not fair, Anu says was that fair what you did to Tilu, Tiwari says I didn’t torture him the way he is picturing, Anu says pay him 3 Cr as compensation, Tiwari says it is too much, Anu says don’t waste my time.

Pre cap; Commissioner asks Anu and Tiwari to set the court in colony itself and close the case. Saxena fights for Tiwari against Vibhu and Tilu

Update Credit to: Tanaya

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd February 2021

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