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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2021

Anu gets a call, Anu tells Vibhu that she had call from District Magestic and her NGO is given permission, Vibhu says good news what is your mission who are you fighting for, Anu says people who are still slave after freedom, Vibhu says good but these people have this in their mentality, Anu says don’t spread negativity but help me, I need a lawyer, Vibhu says I know I was once a famous lawyer but mummy threw my degree, Helan throws it at Vibhu and says here it is, Helan says I hide it because he use to fight for criminals and now I found it, Anu says take this as a sign and now you will fight for needy.

Tiwari asks Angoori to get food, Angoori rushes to Tiwari and asks why is he shouting, Angoori says since today morning nothing is good, i was about to fall from balcony, fall in bathroom and now in kitchen cooker was about to blast on me. Tiwari says you are lost, Amaji calls Tiwari and asks him to send Angoori inside, Tiwari asks Angoori to get breakfast, Angoori leaves, Amaji tells Tiwari that Panditji saw Angoori’s kundali and her life is in danger, Tiwari says she was telling few incidents tell me what to do, Amaji says torture your servant and it will help you.

Tilu Teeka drinking, Teeka says why did Malkan had to go to Bavrali, Tilu says he went in a wedding Barat and I have heard there will be lot of sweets and food, Tiwari walks to them, Tilu asks what is he doing here, Tiwari says I have work with you, its for your benefit, tell me how much salary is pending from my side, Tilu says if someone says he is making Qutub Minar I will agree but not on the fact that you will pay me salary, Tiwari says here’s 5000₹ come and take remaining home, Tiwari leaves. Teeka and Tilu very happy.

Angoori drying mirchi, Vibhu walks to her and tells her he is Lawyer at Anita’s NGO, Angoori gets shocked, Vibhu asks why this reaction, Angoori says nothing all good, Vibhuti says don’t you like Lawyer’s, Angoori says my Daddu told me never trust lawyer as my grandfather lost everything to lawyer’s.

A drunk man asks Vibhu will he fight his case, his neighbour and wife has affair, Vibhu asks you have wife, He says yes 2 one for day one for night.

Anu working out, Tiwari sees her work out and is very happy, Anu dancing Tiwari joins her, Anu gets scared, Tiwari says to Anu she is very hit, Anu says you aren’t, Anu gets call from Meenal, to congratulate for NGO, Tiwari congratulates Anu, Anu thanks him, Tiwari says such good thoughts and there is lot if money in this business, Anu offended scolds him and says is this buiness, change your view, its a difficult job, Tiwari says I will, Anu says you have to donate for NGO, Tiwari says sure.

Tiwari tells Angoori to go his Aunt’s sons marriage he won’t accompany because she opposed their wedding. Tilu rings door bells gets shock, Angoori asks him to come in, Tilu asks him for salary, Tiwari slaps him, Tilu says what is this, Tiwari says by mistake come you want salary right, first make me and Angoori 2 cups of tea, Tilu says okay and leaves. Angoori asks what is this, Tiwari says just keep quite. Angoori says don’t behave this way just give him his salary.

Vibhu washing utensils, Anu walks to him, both get into argument because of Anita’s irritation, Anu says she doesn’t have one case, and asks him to go get case for her, Vibhu says I know one, his wife had made his life miserable, Anu asks who, Vibhu says me, Anu says you know right donkeys are tortured a lot, Vibhu says yes, Anu says did you see any law against it, Vibhu says no, Anu says correct

Tilu gets hot tea. Tiwari puts Tilu’s finger in it.

Pre cap: Tilu and Teeka cry for help, Anu says to Tilu that she will help him. Vibhu says he will fight for Tilu

Update Credit to: Tanaya

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2021

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