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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2021

Angoori asks Tiwari to answer Vibhu, Tiwari says I cant see Vibhu in pain, Vibhu says I love you, you love me so much, Tiwari says yes I do. David says shut up. Gupta tells everyone that Anu is out of danger but her face has lot of damage and so we have called Plastic Surgeon, and here is the doctor, Vibhu asks will my Anu be fine, Doc asks everyone to give Anitas photos to try and match and also that she has faced vocal chord damage.

David scolds Vibhu for not having Anitas good picture, Helan shows Vibhu their wedding pictures, Vibhu says she was fat then, David and Helan show Vibhu pictures of Anu.

Angoori and Tiwari pray to god for Anitas good health, Tiwari says I am waiting for her since so long but this accident, why did you do this to her and why you want her to be ugly, that beautiful lady dont do this to her, Panditji asks is she his sister, Angoori says kind of, Tiwari says shut up she is my neighbour, Panditji says so much concern for a neighbour, Tiwari says looks like you dont have neighbour, and when you do meet me after 1 month, Angoori prays oh god please get her well soon and I will feed 500 people, and sweets.

Vibhu and Tiwari drinking, Tiwari asks does he have her pictures, Vibhu says I dont have good picture, Tiwari says I do and shows him, Vibhu says even she might not be having these, Tiwari says its a long collection, you see I like photography, Vibhu says she looks so innocent in these pictures, Tiwari says and hot, I mean beautiful, Vibhu says she is, Tiwari says an Item, Vibhu says how dare you, its difference between item and beautiful, people who call item are bad, Tiwari says I am not, Vibhu says of she is going under surgery lets make some changes, I didnt like her nose, lets make it shorter, Tiwari yells at him, Angoori asks whats wrong, Vibhu says he is getting angry because I want to make changes in my wives’ face, Angoori says dont beauty is natures gift please don’t do it she is pretty, Vibhu says okay, as you say.

Vibhu waiting for doctor, compounder says doc is inside fixing a fathers nose whoes daughter ran away, David says doc is great, Vibhu and Tiwari get in argument over doc, David asks them to keep shut , Doc walks to them take Anitas photos, Gupta calls Helan aunty, she gets upset over him, Tiwari crying, Vibhu gets irritated and scolds Tiwari. Gupta tells Vibhu to calm down and Anita will be back after surgey as she was.

Vibhu at Tiwaris, Tiwari ask him to have something and not quit food, Tiwari says look at me how I am strong in this condition, Vibhu says she is my wife but why are you so affected, Tiwari says she is my neighbour, Vibhu says doesn’t suit, Tiwari says I am sensitive, Vibhu says who will look after me if you become week, Angoori asks how is Anita, Vibhu says it was 8 hr surgery, Angoori says good she must be so injured, Tiwari starts crying, Angoori says he takes Anita as sister so he is affected, and God wont to bad trust me please have food.

Teeka Malkan crying for Anu, Tilu says them not to cry she is undergoing Plastic surgery, Teeka says but plastic is ban, Tilu says plastic surgery is an operation to change face, Teeka says is it, tilu says our country is very forward, Girls walk to them, TMT flirt with their girls, Tili asks Valentine’s day plan, Tilu says this Valentines we will celebrate all last valentine’s as well, Mali says theres a club in Kanpur “Range haath”, Tili says lets go Gutam Gutta club is fun. Teeka says then done we will go Gutam Gutta club. Saxena rushes to them and makes an annocement that Valentines is not Indian festival and Saxena and his Shaksena, wont support it and urges you to celebrate Kutta Purnima and if they celebrate Valentine’s they will have to face Shaks*xan.

Pre cap: Vibhu says this is not my Anu, Anu says let me see my face, Vibhu says wait let’s keep a party and there you and we will see your face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th February 2021

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