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Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2021

David gets Vibhu coffee, and says people arw upto work but look at him he is asleep, David tries to wake him up, Vibhu pulls him in bed kisses him thinking its Anu, David scolds him and says you would be jail now because Angoori was going to come to give you tea but I came and if you are missing Anu call her or go see her, Vibhu says I am missing her a lot.

Tiwari sleeping talking Mising Anu, Angoori walks in and says he is still asleep and says I love you, Tiwari says I love you too bhabhiji, Angoori says may be he is sleeping talking, Tiwari again calls her bhabhiji, Angoori gets furious and wakes him up, Angoori tells him that he called her bhabhiji I love you too, who is this bhabhiji, Tiwari thinking what to tell Angoori and says I was saying I love you too bhabhiji of Vibhu, Angoori says oh ohkay, and you can directly say love you too Angoori.

Vibhu in hall with David avoiding eachother, Helan asks whats wrong, David tells her Vibhu kissed him, and call Anu quickly, Tiwari walks in, Mishras start grilling him, Vibhu gets call from Anu Tiwari gets very excited, Anu tells Vibhu she is coming, Vibhu says he is missing her a lot, Tiwari gets excited and kisses Vibhu.

Angoori in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her and greets her, Angoori makes fun of him, Vibhu says only you are allowed this no one else in this, Vibhu tells her he has a good news, Anu is coming back, Angoori gets very excited, Saxena walks to them, Vibhu says ny Valentine’s day will be fabulous now, Saxena asks who is Valentine, Vibhu says he fought for love, Saxena says so did Saint Phulvanath, Angoori says okay you continue my phone is ringing. Saxena irritates Vibhu and says to remove all your suspicious and will ask you thousand questions will be my troup of Shaksena.

Tiwari distrubuting sweets, Master asks whats yeh good news, Prem says i heard your wife is pregnant, Master scolds him, Prem says may be Angoori bhabhi is pregnant, Vibhu pushes the box of sweets and says she cant be, Tiwari says Anu Bhabhiji is coming back, Vibhu asks why is that, Tiwari says she is my neighbour, Vibhu gets a call that Anu met with ab accident.

Mishras and Tiwaris in hospital, Vibhu seez Tiwari crying a lot and asks why are you crying, Tiwari thinks how will I tell I miss her so much. TMT discussing about Valentine, Teeka says every Valentine we just watch and get nothing, Tilu says I think even this year it will be just watching, three girls rush to them and ask for help, three boys troubling them, TMT warn them to stay away and treat them as sister, and get in fight with them, girls thank them for saving them, and introduce themselves and get along.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

Written Update Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th February 2021

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