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Written Update Barrister Babu 6th January 2021

The Episode starts with Anirudh saying we have to check that girl’s room without letting Trilochan see them, else Trilochan will stop them. Bondita says we will hide behind Bihari and match steps with him. Anirudh says we should also match steps and walk. She says I m always ready. He says I think you will become a barrister and fight me in the court. They walk matching steps. Rishta tera mera….plays…. He gets dizzy. He asks her to divert Bihari. She says its my fav work. He asks her to come.

Sampoorna coughs a lot. She wants water. She finds the door locked. She says everyone would be in the puja. Binoy comes upstairs. She asks someone to open the door, she wants water. She faints down. Binoy holds her. He makes her rest. He sprinkles water on her. She wakes up. He gives her water. He says you fainted, so I had to sprinkle water, Trilochan might have locked you up to keep you away from puja, he regards widows unlucky, you can tell me if you want any help. He goes.

Anirudh and Bondita hide from Trilochan. Bondita fools Bihari. Anirudh hides under the table. Anirudh throws a coin. She asks Bihari to pick it. She also hides under the table. Bihari says Bondita is very naughty. Bihari says I m thinking to keep the table outside. Trilochan asks is everything fine, are Bondita and Anirudh inside. Bihari says yes, who can get saved from you. Trilochan asks him to go. Anirudh and Bondita come out from the table. They come to the girl’s room and check the place. Munshi gives the poison dose to the girl. Bondita looks on. She thinks I had seen this woman before. Anirudh sees a diary. Bondita calls him and asks him to see that woman. He says I will go and see that woman. Munshi runs away. Anirudh asks whom were you talking to. The girl says no one. He goes. The girl says what’s Bondita doing in my room. The girl asks them to play sindoor khela. The ladies play with sindoor. Munshi colours his face. Bondita tries to see the diary. Anirudh thinks that woman had sent this girl. He stops Munshi. Munshi makes a face and runs. Anirudh runs after him.

The girl says Anirudh and Bondita aren’t in puja, they had pushed me and went out, they should be in puja. Trilochan asks her not to worry. He goes. He comes to room and sees Bondita. He scolds her for missing the puja. He says this puja is for Anirudh only, don’t you want that. The girl says call Anirudh first, else he…. Trilochan says nothing can happen to him. He asks where is Anirudh.

Anirudh runs after Munshi to some jungle area. Munshi falls down. Anirudh goes to see his face. Surmani comes and hits on Anirudh’s head. Anirudh faints. Munshi says we can’t kill him by giving an easy death, our revenge will fulfill when Roy choudhary family see him dying, they get helpless and cry for him. Bondita says Anirudh had gone to catch the man who is helping this girl, he will bring proof of her truth today. Trilochan gets angry. Bihari says Anirudh is nowhere. Binoy says he would have told us. The girl says I m worried, something bad may happen, I will go and pray for him. Bondita says no need to go anywhere, nothing will happen to Anirudh.

Precap will be added later

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Written Update Barrister Babu 6th January 2021

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