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Written Update Barrister Babu 15th February 2021

The Episode starts with Bondita saying I feel stomach ache, I will just come. She goes away. Mami says Bondita still trusts you, she didn’t tell your name. Bondita cries in her room. She recalls Sampoorna’s words. Sampoorna comes and asks won’t you see my face now. She asks why did you lie to me, why did you do this with me, I have always loved you and respected you, when you became my Saas, I have called you Maa, why did you change. Sampoorna cries. Anirudh tests all kinds of cloth material to know its absorbing capacity. He asks Koyli to fill cotton in the cloth and stitch it. She turns away. He asks what’s there to be shy, what will happen to young girls if elder women don’t explain them. He says no girl should go through that fear, will you stitch this cloth, please. She nods. He thanks her. She makes some pads by stitching the cotton in the cloth. She says I wish every man thought like you, Bondita is lucky to get a husband like you. He says wrong, I m lucky to get Bondita.

Sampoorna says no one gave me respect and love in this house, even in my first marriage, I didn’t get love from in-laws, I felt insecure even here, I wanted to make my place secure here, everyone loves you here, I got jealous of you. Bondita says I respected you and thought you are better than me, you have shattered everything, you sent me away from everyone, its mighty thing to support others, can you get respect by insulting someone. Sampoorna says I have hurt your heart and did a sin, I will repent, I will give away my life. She runs. Bondita runs after her and stops her. They cry. Sampoorna asks what shall I do, can I meet your eyes, when everyone knows my sin, how will I face Anirudh and family. Bondita asks her not to do this. She says I will not tell anyone, I didn’t tell Anirudh that you filled fear in my mind, I will never tell him, I don’t want your name to get spoiled. Sampoorna says I will return the clothes and jewellery. Bondita says I m not talking about it.

Sampoorna apologizes to Trilochan for hurting him. She says Bondita opened my eyes, I m ashamed. Mama asks what’s this drama. Mami says she is fooling Trilochan. Sampoorna says I did wrong with you all, she taught me that relations are the big assets. Anirudh asks why did you need to do this. Sampoorna says I m sorry. Trilochan says I will never forgive you, never. He shouts.

Bondita chants shlok. She says one’s strength is in forgiving, forgiveness keeps the universe balanced, you had taught this shlok to me. Anirudh smiles. She says Gandhi ji also says this, that weak person can never forgive. Trilochan asks will you let me win in front of your arguments, its fine, I feel happy to lose to you, Anirudh is a barrister, when you argue, I feel I m standing in your court, really, I feel tensed and speechless. Mama and Mami make a face. Bondita says we also did mistake that we didn’t trust each other, should we not give a chance to Sampoorna to rectify her mistake, did you forgive her. Trilochan says I m repenting for misunderstanding Bondita, you have to prove that you deserve to become our bahu, you are a little bit equal to Bondita. Sampoorna nods. She asks Mama and Mami to leave the house.

She scolds them. She says its good that Bondita showed me the right path, else I would have burnt this house. She asks them to leave. Trilochan says leave. They go. Trilochan says Sampoorna took the right step now, it happened because of Bondita, she saved the house again, I m proud of her. He hugs Anirudh and Bondita. They all hug. Sampoorna thinks you be happy Trilochan, I made a little compromise to get a big win in this haveli. Bondita gets ready for school. Anirudh gives her the sanitary pads. She says its so soft and colourful. He says its for your use, you don’t need to tear the curtains, I got this made for you, use this and tell me if its comfortable when you walk and sit, we will make changes to it. Trilochan calls her out.

Anirudh hides the pads. She says you said we don’t have to feel any shame. He says yes, we can’t tell this to Trilochan now, else he won’t let you go out. She asks why. He says there are many illusions about girls’ periods, I just want you to give the exam, we have worked hard, once you come back home, we will go and tell Kaka, I don’t want any hurdle in your exam. Trilochan comes and feeds her Rasgulla. He says you have won by your goodness again, you go for the exam, write as much as you can, its fine, we don’t have to make you a barrister. Anirudh asks why can’t she become a barrister. They argue. Bondita sees the pads falling out of Anirudh’s pocket and signs him to get quiet. Trilochan sees the pads and asks what’s this, Anirudh. Anirudh worries.

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Written Update Barrister Babu 15th February 2021

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