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Written Update Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th February 2021

Scene 1
Rani says don’t worry, prasad will be made and pooja will eb done as well and I will meet the lawyer as well. My dad didn’t teach me how to give up. She leaves.

Nandini comes to a place and says I shouldn’t have come here. I always end up trusting Jai. He holds her hand and pulls her close. He says you feel something for me as well. She says you can’t blackmail me like this. I am warning you again, don’t call me. He says if you leave without forgiving me I will kill myself. I want one chance. I love you. Nandini says please.. Some goons come there and hit him for not returning their money. Nandini says what are you doing? Leave him. They hit Jai and hold Nandini. Jai says leave her. Hit me if you want. The goon says return us the money. Jai says I will give all the money my brother lost, give me some days. The goon says if you don’t give us the money next time, They leave. Nandini says do you need any help? He says I know your family is rich but I can’t take money from you. If I were in your place, I would offer. But don’t worry I will arrange the money, will get beaten again. The most it can do is take my life, what is life without you anyway? Nandini gets teary.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari welcomes all the guests. Rani asks Dadi if she got the right stuff for pooja. Dadi says where is Kesar? Champa says let me look. She finds the Kesar and spills it. Rani says what did you do? I will have to arrange it again. Rani comes out and sees the guests. Rajeshwari says see she’s here. They ask Rani if everything is ready? Rajeshwari says would you be able to do it? Rani says yes to everything I said. Rani comes to the kitchen. Champa gives her more Kesar. She says in her heart if Champa didn’t delay I could get it ready. i have to get rid of her. Rani says how will I make it without mangrail? Dadi says mangrail?? please look for it, Champa. Champa says sure. She looks around. Rani says you have to get it from the market. They go out. Champa says I will take so much time that you will keep waiting. Rani tells Dadi she sent them out because they were delaying. She says you’re so smart. Rani makes everything as per dadi’s instructions.

The lawyer calls and says bring 2 lacs advance. We don’t take such cases without advance. Rani is shocked. She says I will bring the money. Rani says where will I arrange the money from? A woman says Rajeshwari ji is prasad ready? It’s pooja time. Rajeshwari says in heart I am sure prasad isn’t ready and she won’t be able to go and meet the lawyer. She comes to the kitchen and sees that everything is ready. Rani isn’t in the house. Rajeshwari says you won’t even prove yourself as a good daughter.

Scene 3
Rani says only one thing was left, I will meet the lawyer and then do it. She recalls making a promise to Ramo that she will be a good DIL. Rani says I will be both a good daughter and DIL. Rani comes to the office. The watchman stops her. He says our boss doesn’t take poor people’s cases. Rani says I don’t have time. She says he called me himself. He says go and find a cheap lawyer.

Rajeshwari looks at the guests. Rajmata and Sanjay come as well. The guests says only half an hour is left in mahurat. Does Rani know? Veer comes in as well. he says am I late for pooja? The woman says you’re on time. But the one we arranged this pooja for isn’t here. Rajeshwari says Rani is in the kitchen making longlata. Please check how long would it take. The mahurat is started. We are all waiting. He says sure. Veer looks around but Rani isn’t there.

Rani calls the lawyer and says your watchman isn’t letting me in. He says to give him the phone. Rani gives the phone to the watchman. He says let her come in. Veer calls her and her phone is busy. The lawyer says you’re late. She says your watchman stopped me. He says I don’t have time. Do you have the fees? Rani takes out the cash and gives to them. Rani says my father is innocent. All allegations on him are false.

Veer says Rani is nowhere and prasad isn’t ready. Rani looks at the time and says only 30 minutes are left. Help me, God. The lawyer checks the papers. Veer calls Rani. Rani says I have an important call. He says yeah you have more work than us. You take the call and I will leave. She says sorry, please see the file. She cuts the call. Veer says she cut the call? Rani says please see all the papers. He says tell me the entire story. Rani tells him everything. Veer says did she go to meet the lawyer? She can’t do that. Rani sa said she will handle it. I should call again. Rajeshwari asks all okay? He says yes I am coming. veer is worried.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th February 2021

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