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Written Update Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd February 2021

Scene 1
Vijay says we have orders from the court. His lawyer left his case and the order will be out. Veer says what’s the reasno? He says I don’t know. Rani says let me talk to babu ji. I can’t leave him here. Veer Vijay can’t go against the rukes. It will increase problems for him. We will come tomorrow and meet him. I will solve the lawyer’s problem. Trust me once, I won’t break it. Veer holds her hand and they walk out. Rani looks back and recalls her moments with Ramo. Rani cries and Veer walks her out.

Scene 2
Kiara and Vikram take rounds around the fire. Rounds are over. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Kiara says we are married right? He says only sindur and mangalsutra are left. She says where is my diamond mangalsutra? I left it home. Vikram says we don’t have mangalsutra. He gives them a red locket. Kiara sees Veer in Vikram. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and fills her hairline. Pandit ji says you are both married now. Vikram says see it was so easy. They say thank you pandit ji. Pandit says tell us your names for a marriage certificate, Vikram says Kiara and.. Kiara says his name is Veer Partap. Vikram says no Veer. Vikram. Kiara is confused.

Veer is on his way with Rani. He says in heart I will be with you Rani. Rani recalls what Rajeshwari said. She recalls how Ramu used to encourage her.

Scene 3
Jai video messages Nandini and says I love you. If you don’t come to meet me, this dagger would be through my heart. Nandini calls him. He says I knew. He says helloo.. Nandini says stop emotionally blackmailing me. You’re not doing good to anyone. Please stop doing all this. And yes if you call me again, I will block you. He cries on phone. He says it’s easy for you to say but think about me. I am so alone and hurt. I miss you. This heart is crazy, it goes after you. If you don’t come to meet me tomorrow I will kill myself.

Veer and Rani come home. Rajeshwari comes downstairs as well and hugs Veer. She says beta.. She hugs Rani. Veer says you didn’t sleep? She says if kids are out how can mother sleep? I was so worried. He says we went to the police station. Rajeshwari says byt why? He says the lawyer left the case. She says Vijay told me. I called the lawyer but he didn’t agree. But don’t worry, we have many lawyers. I will talk to the minister. I will go to any limit for my son and DIL. Don’t worry. Ramo is the most loyal servant and relative to us now. I will do something. Rani recalls what she said. Veer says thank you Rani sa. She says do you trust me? He says I trust you more than the world. you said and it was enough. Rani says in her heart he can’t understand. Rajeshwari says don’t worry Rani, the entire city knows I keep my word.

Scene 4
Rani cries outside. She sees Ramo. he says don’t cry. Rani hugs him and cries. He says you look so weak. Are you going to fight a battle? Rani cries and says I already lost. I am trying to stay strong. He says stay strong. Sit here. He says you never give up. Mind is like a machine. It needs rest. He massages her head and says no matter, people will have to call you Rani. Ranis live in palaces and everywhere. You have to stay strong. Rani cries. I will never forget my promise and do everything. He says no matter where I am I will never forget you. Make a 45-degree angle and put your hand on your heart, my time will come. Rani says it. She was imagining him. Rani says I won’t give up. I will take whatever it takes to release my dad.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd February 2021

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