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Written Update Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th February 2021

Scene 1
Rani screams and runs.. She collides with Veer and falls on him. He says what? She says the ghost. Veer says it’s skeleton. It’s part of my education. He checks her wound and says it’s getting better. You should sleep. Veer gets on the bed. rani says where should I sleep? He says sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the sofa. She says I can sleep on the floor. You can’t sleep on the sofa. He says why is that needed? It’s my room. I will decide. She says you don’t have to all the time. They both sleep on the floor. Rani recalls everything. She’s happy. She puts her hand on the heart. Veer looks at her from under the bed. Veer prays for Rani.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari recalls how Veer saved Rani from the people at village. She calls someone and says what’s up with Ramo’s case. He says I am trying to get Ramo out on bail. Rajeshwari says people play the predictable game at chess, except for the queen. Which is me, she can do whatever she likes. I will tell you what to do with Ramo’s case.

Rajeshwari comes downstairs. Someone is sitting on her chair. She says who is sitting at my place? It’s Rani in Rajeshwari’s attire. Rajeshwari is shocked. She wakes up, it was a dream. She comes downstairs to check her chair. Rajeshwari sits on it. The servant gives her green tea. She breaks it.

Scene 3
Rani sees Ramo’s photo and says haven’t seen your face in a while. I will come to take you home. Rani dries her hair and it falls on Veer. He says what are you doing? She says I am sorry. Veer looks at her. His neck hurts. Rani says are you okay? Should I call a doctor? He says I am a doctor. Rani says see I am all good. I told you you can’t sleep on the floor. He says I need to redo your bandage. I have to go to the hospital. She says let me get your clothes ready. HE says I will do it. Rani says you are so stubborn. Rani says you are getting late. He says okay.

Rani comes on the breakfast. She gives paratha to Nandini. Nandini says I am on diet. She says our village butter doesn’t make you fat. Veer is leaving. He says I am getting late. Rajeshwari says I won’t like it if you leave without breakfast. You are a doctor you should care for your health. She gives him juice. Veer is shocked. He drinks juice from her hands. Veer says I am leaving. Rajeshwari says I have organized a party tonight. For Veer and Rani. I want to announce in front of everyone that Rani is Veer’s wife. Nandini says amazing. It’s valentine’s day. Rajeshwari asks Veer to come back fast. He says I will be back in an hour. Vikram says wow he will come back in an hour. There is some change. Nandini says what did you mix in his food? He looks so hapy. Rani is confused. Rani says Rajeshwari did all this. It’s her motherhood, that is more important than a mother. No one can be like her. For Veer, you are his world. I never had a mother but when I see Veer looking at you, I imagine my relationship with my mom must be equally pure. Vikram says let’s prepare for the party. Nandini says we will make it special for you. They leave. Sanjay says to Rajmata maa sa.. She leaves. Rajeshwari says Nandini was right. Tonight would be special for Rani.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

Written Update Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th February 2021

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