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Written Update Anupama 15th February 2021

Vanraj gets jealous seeing Anupama’s news in newspaper. He prepares tea reminiscing Anu rushing to serve him tea. Pakhi asks why he is in kitchen. He says he is preparing tea. She notices Anu’s pic in newspaper. Kavya walks out to them and says if he is preparing tea, then he should prepare coffee for her and Pakhi. Pakhi says papa is not habituated to do all this. Kavya says so what, he will be habituated soon, its not a bad habit. Pakhi asks when she is there, why should papa do as even at home mummy does everything. Kavya says she is not Anupama to spoil everyone in lieu of love, she believes everyone should be self-sufficient so that they don’t face any problem later like her papa is facing. Vanraj says he didn’t learn it as Baa didn’t taught him, Anu never let him do that, and he didn’t have time, that doesn’t mean his children are not self-sufficient as Anu taught them everything. Pakhi says exactly, she knows to prepare coffee, pasta, iron clothes, use washing machine, etc. Kavya says then why don’t she do that. Pakhi says she should as she doesn’t like maid’s prepared food. Vanraj backs her. Kavya yells that she likes to order outside food and even yesterday she ordered 1000 rs worth pizza and didn’t even finish it. Pakhi says she kept it in fridge for breakfast and anyways even if she is ordering food daily, she is taking money from papa and not her. Kavya says her papa is jobless and she cannot waste even his money, her papa doesn’t say her anything doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants; she yells at Vanraj next that Anu has spoilt children and even he has.

Baa helps Anu get ready for award function saying she is going to receive award and not buy vegetables, she is angry on her though. Anu says she knows she is angry and tensed for Sweety/Pakhi. Baa asks her to inform Samar and Toshu chat with her often, though Vanraj is with Sweety, she cannot trust maide ki katori Kavya who sent Samar to jail and don’t know what she will do with Pakhi. Anu gets concerned for Pakhi. Pakhi reverts back to Kavya and says neither of her parents spoilt her and her siblings, showing concern and love does not mean spoiling, she cannot understand as she is selfish; papa lost his job and is tensed, but she dumps work on him; papa was happy at home, but since he is staying with Kavya, she is in sorrows; Baa is right that Kavya is not papa’s girlfriend but a home breaker. Kavya angrily tries to slap her, but Vanraj holds her hand and warns to dare not think of raising hand on her daughter or else he doesn’t know what he will do. He scolds Pakhi that this is not their house and they will have to listen to the house owner; Kavya is right that everyone should know basic work and he is facing problem as he doesn’t know, life is so unpredictable, so they have prepare themselves to face life’s every challenge; papa or mummy never taught her to misbehave with elders. Pakhi apologizes. Vanraj tells Kavya that she is childless and hence doesn’t have motherly feelings, but what she did with Samar and tried to do with Pakhi is unfair. Kavya shouts he means she should tolerate his children’s misbehavior and he is giving her gyaan instead of scolding his daughter. Vanraj says he explained her repeatedly, but even after being so mature, she is acting rude; she is talking about money and forgot that how much he helped her when she joined as an intern and her salary was only 5000 rs; he lent her money many times, but today when he is jobless, she is taunting him; he is spending his money even now and not hers. He then scolds Pakhi that he is tolerating her misbehavior and testing his patience. He tells Kavya that if she has problems with him and Pakhi, they will shift somewhere else; they have complaints with Anupama, but they are proving her right.

Anu searches Pakhi after receiving award and thinks Pakhi didn’t attend function, is it a teacher won but a mother lost. Pakhi looks at her hiding behind a tree and reminisces Anu pampering her and Kavya scolding her and trying to slap her, etc. Anu notices her and happily calls her. Pakhi cries. Anu rushes to her and asks why she is crying, if someone said something, she shouldn’t worry and return home whenever she wants to as everyone are eager to see her back at home. Pakhi congratulates her and walks away saying she is getting late for class. Vanraj congratulates her next and says he came to pay Pakhi’s school feels; he thought Anu will spoil everything, but she didn’t. She says thank you and asks what happened to Sweety, why she was crying. At office, Kavya reminisces Vanraj scolding her and thinks he scolded her for Pakhi, but its okay as he is in tension after losing his job; she should do something for him, she will take him to a resort for his birthday and spend quality time with him without Pakhi. She searches resorts online. Vanraj tells Anu that Pakhi is having adjustment issues, but he will manage. Anu says Pakhi is not with her mother, so she is concerned; she read in childhood that mother is like a roti and father like a sweet, they need roti daily; Pakhi is not yet ready for their divorce and her fear emerges out as anger, he should calm her down with love. He nods okay and gives her trophy and bouquet. She says she forgot them seeing Pakhi crying. They both get counsellor’s message for a meeting tomorrow. Anu walks away saying let us meet at counsellor’s office tomorrow.

Baa prepares laddus frowning. Mamaji jokes. Baa says bahu didn’t win any big trophy that bapuji ordered to distribute laddus among neighbors. Mamaji praises Anu. Anu returns home and happily showing them trophy takes their blessings. Baa smiles at her and asks her to get her masala chai as her hands are paining preparing laddus. Anu rushes to kitchen. Mamaji says he feels good when Baa show motherly feelings to Anu. Baa says she will whever she can, but she didn’t like Anu filing for divorce.

Pakhi returns home and shares Vanraj’s childhood snacks with him. She tells him that they underestimated mummy and considered her a loser as she is a housewife and not much educated, but she moved so much ahead even after shortcomings. He says she can go home if she is remembering her family and home. She says she do miss them, but she cannot leave him alone. He says she needs to adjust everywhere, be it school or home; Kavya has working pressure and like she follows rules in schools, she should here. She says there are no rules at home. He says there are rules at Kavya’s house. She asks if he is happy with bestie/Kavya. He says yes, he knows they fight, but its because of situations and this phase will pass on. He asks if she is happy here. She says if he is happy, she is also happy. He says if his child is happy, he is super happy. She reminds that his birthday is coming and reminds that Baa prepares sesame laddus for him and mummy his favorite food. He says this time it won’t happen. She asks why not, they will celebrate his birthday at home as birthday is celebrated with family. Kavya asks which family, they kicked her papa out of house, so this time they all 3 will celebrate Vanraj’s birthday.

Kinjal breaks cup while cooking and apologizes Anu. Anu says its not her mistake as thing break when they have to, be it crockery or heart. Nandini hearing their conversation feels sad and looks at her tattoo. Anu continues that their life is not like her, they make a mistake of sitting comfortably thinking relationship as a destiny, but relationship is a journey and they have to walk on it daily, it breaks a bit and they mend it daily; there would be troubles in love and there may be disagreements, but they have to manage it carefully; only lucky ones get love and they need to safeguard it and not turn back when they find one. She then says she saw Sweety tensed in school due to some reason, she is worried for her as she may be not happy in Kavya’s house. She asks Kinjal to ask Toshu to speak to her as she may open up with her brother and asks even Nandini to speak to her as a friend. Kinjal says she feels Pakhi is feeling lonely as Kavya is busy in office. Anu gets more concerned.

Precap: Counsellor tells Anu that Vanraj alleged her and took back his allegation, but she didn’t make a single allegation, which means they both care for each other; what is the reason that they don’t want to give a chance to their relationship.
Anu says they just need a divorce and signing papers asks Vanraj to sign them.

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Written Update Anupama 15th February 2021

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